TV Review: Girls 306 – Free Snacks

Girls investigates what it feels like to settle and what that can look like both professionally and romantically.

I was a little caught off guard this week after the drama last week’s episode ended on, Hannah losing her book deal & Caroline getting the boot out of Hannah’s apartment and Adam being pissed about it, seems to have completely cleared the air. Hannah has an advertorial position at GQ now, writing articles for sponsor Neiman Marcus, and seems to be perfectly OK with Adam on the homefront. What happened to the drama?

Still, there was plenty of “drama” this week as Hannah goes through the ten levels of settling into a real job as she confronts her potential for failing as an artist if she stays with GQ. The funny thing is, she is really good at her new job and should get some satisfaction out of that, but Hannah is so concerned about losing her ability to keep her artistic side intact, she is forgetting the fact that her success as of late has been all about her selling something in the first place; at GQ it’s just on a grander scale. Lena Dunham is great as she runs the gauntlet of emotions in such a short span of two days and her stealing of the snacks made me cringe more than just about anything I’ve seen her do on the show for some reason. Hannah’s general fish out of water demeanor of navigating cubicle life was also a lot of fun to watch, an all around strong episode for our lead. Now let her get some sleep.

The only person not settling this week was Adam, who seems on great terms with Hannah and is making some headway as an actor doing the audition thing. I really want to know what happened with Caroline, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her, I just hope they don’t throw some tragedy on the story with her just when things start to look up for Adam.

The rest of our settling takes place on the relationship front, as Ray makes a go at Marnie and, more or less, convinces her to stay with him because they have nobody else to go to. It’s cute to see Ray try and be a gentleman, only to drop truth bombs the moment he can’t take it anymore, but part of me think these two might be able to make things work. Marnie isn’t as “dumb” as Ray would like to think she is and they are both capable of giving each other something they need right now in their lives, companionship. Hopefully they teach each other a little something as well.

Shos also gets to settle this week as well as she systematically seems to try and pick the best man for her to get with out of her, seemingly many, fuck buddies. The fact that she picks the guy she thinks is so dumb their kids wouldn’t get into pre-school is a bit odd, but her storyline as a whole has been a bit too underbaked this season. I feel like we need a little bit more time with Shos and Jessa as their actions have been funny, but we don’t really have a strong grasp on their motivations. I appreciate them examining the angle of a 21/22 year old girl assessing her need to settle at such a young age, and how foolish that most often is, but I wish, again, they were able to give this idea a little more screen time. Still, some classic, head shake inducing decisions from Shos are funny on the surface, I can’t imagine what is going to happen when it is revealed that Ray is sleeping with Marnie.

An interesting theme for the show to tackle this week, it’s a shame that all the storylines couldn’t be as entertaining and deep as Hannah’s descent into the real world. Girls has a lot of balls in the air right now and we are heading for collision of a lot of them I imagine in the not too distant future. What happened to Caroline, the Marnie, Ray, Shos love triangle and Adam finding artistic success while Hannah losses hers all seems primed to create quite a bit of drama in the back half of the season. I like how Girls is growing up its characters and I hope it continues to challenge the social norms that are supposed to come with that.

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