TV Without Commercials: The Newsroom 2.3-2.7

the-newsroomIt took more than three quarters of the season to learn why everyone on the News Night staff has been getting interrogated by the mean spirited lawyer lady, but now we finally know the truth.  It’s not the Genoa story that’s making them seek legal council, it’s Jerry Dantana.

It turns out that Jerry Dantana is a horrible person.  He lied to everyone and ruined Charlie, Will and Mackenzie’s credibility.  Despite how awful it was, watching the story fall apart piece by piece was extremely entertaining to watch.  It was a beautiful disaster that was impossible to turn away from and I think that the conversation between Jerry and Mackenzie that takes place in the elevator could not have been any better.  I used to have mixed feelings about Leona Lansing, but now I absolutely love her.  I love that she’s proud of ACN, I love that she won’t let Will, Charlie, or Mack retire, and I really love that she is refusing to let Jerry Dantana take anyone’s money.  When Charlie tells Leona that they no longer have the trust of the people and then she immediately responds with “Get it back,” and then it cuts straight to silent credits.  When she said that I felt chills run down my spine, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season is going to play out.

Through the last several episodes of The Newsroomwe have seen the show slowly but surely return to normal. Normal probably isn’t the most accurate word to describe the current situation of the show, but it’s not too far off either.  Jim is off the campaign trail and Maggie is back Africa.  That’s about as far as the normalcy goes though.  Maggie is somewhat of an alcoholic floozy now, and Jim seems to be in a relatively serious relationship with the lovely Hallie Shea.  It appears as though Jim and Maggie are even further from being together then they were when Lisa and Don were involved as well.  Jim seems pretty happy with Hallie.  Her personality seems to be a perfect fit for Jim, and meanwhile Maggie appears to be riding the early stages of a train wreck.  I just wonder if it’s her living situation or Africa that are causing her to act this way.  I just really hope she finds a way to get out of this funk before something bad happens.

After her embarrassing incident I was pretty sure that Sloan was never going to get another chance to be on Television ever again.  Even though it appeared to be coming, Reese never did fire her and it seems as though the incident is more or less forgotten.  Meanwhile, she and Don have yet to hook up, and between Jim, Maggie, Will and Mack, they seem to have the best chances of actually getting together.

I think Will McAvoy is one of the best characters on television right now, but I cannot stand the one we have been watching for a big part of this season.  When he’s concerned about the ratings, he flat out sucks. Luckily we didn’t have to deal with that side of Will for very long, but I still can’t believe how quickly he dumped Nina Howard.  I don’t think she even got a chance to say anything in her defense or even say good bye.  Surely that can’t be the last time we see her but she hasn’t come back yet.

I can’t wait to see how the last two episodes of this season are going to turn out.  Watching Will and Mack strive to regain the trust of the public is sure to make for great television and I can’t wait to see how ACN covered last years presidential election.



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