Music Review: Now Voyager’s ‘Tell Tale Hearts’

NowVoyagerTell-TaleHeartsEPcoverartworkpackshotThrashHits-500x500Two year ago, Belgian mathcore outfit Now Voyager wowed me with their tight musicianship and interesting ideas. Those ideas are turned up a notch on Tell Tale Hearts, a four song EP that doubles as a metal wake up call.

The first two songs are ferocious, pulse pounding rushes of metal greatness. “From The Brain” is a schizophrenic last with some great build ups and terrific pay offs. “Where We’ll Start” is the closest to a radio hit, with a fantastic chorus and blood pumping instrumentals that really adds some replay value to the song. That doubles on the third song, “The Long Lane”. It’s instrumentals are glossy, lush, but still intense once the song picks up. “To The Heart” is a great closer; even with some lighter instrumentals in the beginning (is that a glockenspiel I here?), it builds into this cinematic climax that is goosebump inducing.

If there was one word I could give to Tell Tale Heart is how cinematic these four songs feel. Each one flows into the others differently, but helps continue its narrative. Going from something aggressive to something lack for a better word…blissful…shouldn’t be so smooth. But it is, and makes a better listen because of it.

Now Voyager isn’t your normal metal band. They don’t play same old breakdowns and they don’t settle for the same old riffage. Now Voyager is a part of the new breed of metal where they do not accept good enough. They could’ve easily made an EP reminiscent of Seas, but they instead transcend it. Now Voyager proved to me here that they deserve every bit of praise coming their way, and every award they will surely earn. Now Voyager is the band of the future – and you better believe they will leave your favorite metal band behind. Tell Tale Hearts is proof.

Final Grade: A
Go Download: The EP

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