TV Rants and Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.3 – “Fireflies”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardAs season 3 of Teen Wolf continues, it becomes clear that the werewolves are not the only dangerous creatures in town.


Can someone tell me what the significance of this title is, and why we should care that suddenly California has a subset of the insect that suddenly glows?  The first episode of the season showed that the animals of this town were starting to act weird, but newfound butt brightness is far from the suicidal tendencies of the other animals that came before.  And since when did they buzz like bees, as they did when they swarmed Boyd?

Something tells me little kids wouldn’t be so excited about catching them if they always made this menacing noise.  Not that these two kids doing just that at the start of the episode are the brightest by any means, which was clearly inherited from the parents.  Are they homeless orphans or something?  Because that is the only reason I can think of as to why they were allowed into the woods at night when considering the unexplainable occurrences and death rate in the area.

Virgin Sacrifices

As far as insects are concerned, the fireflies aren’t even the weirdest acting bugs out there, really bringing into question my ramblings about Stiles’ mom’s ghost being the one to drag Heather away in order to protect her son’s purity.  I suppose this means she was dragged away by these bugs that were borrowed from The Mummy franchise?  And how do they know who all are virgins and when they are about to hand in their v-card?  Granted, I doubt purity ring boy was about to get it on, the ring being his tell tale sign if status, but the girls?  Is there someone out there controlling all bugs and using them to literally bug the teens in the hopes of overhearing them mentioning their sexual status?

All I know is those are some pervy little critters showing up when they did on that tent.  Pervy?  Yes.  Murderous?  Not so sure.  I doubt the bugs are the ones sacrificing the virgins to whatever it is they are being sacrificed to, especially considering they wouldn’t strangle, bludgeon, and slit people’s throats in order to get the job done.  Nor do I really think that Peter is involved.  It is weird that (coat wearing at the end of summer) Lydia was brought to the murdered boy at the pool when she meant to go to the store, and that there was a random manikin floating in the pool, but if it was Peter out there wouldn’t she have been drawn to the two other murders as well?  And why not use his other side in order to get away with the murders by making them look like animal deaths?  It just doesn’t add up, especially because I doubt coming back from the dead gives him control of the insects of the land, even if the resurrection happened during the worm moon.  I doubt it was the Alpha pack as well, and even though we don’t know what ever happened to Gerard, I am going to go ahead and say that I’ve got nothing for now.

Lone Hunter

I was hoping for a lot more out of Scott telling Allison that her mother had tried to kill him, but as far as this episode is concerned the only thing this revelation did was push Allison to practicing her bow-work again.  Scott did say that he would tell her everything so I hope this means that this conversation isn’t over, because something really needs to happen to bring Allison back into the fold of her friends, as well as the realm of sanity.  Insanity is the only thing that explains her continual disregard for the horror film rules dictating her life, especially considering what happened last episode when she went alone to the bank.  And cutting herself to bring them to her seemed super crazy.  What was her plan if they actually showed up?  It’s not like she wanted to kill them because she wouldn’t have helped corral them into the school later in the episode had this been the plan, so the writers really need to make up their mind on what they have planned for her character this season.

Also, don’t look at Isaac that way in the preview.  Remember all those plans you had to be with Scott forever?  Don’t make me cut you for his sake!

Deranged Werewolves

I was pretty embarrassed for Boyd that the two little kids managed to get away from him.  Not that I wanted them to get killed, it just really brings into question Boyd’s wolfliness.  Then again, Derek, Scott, and Isaac all turned to Papa Argent to teach them how to be better wolves in order to be more successful at tracking Boyd and Cora.  Thank goodness that was a short-lived hunting hiatus because I love this team up and the possibilities it presents.

Together they come up with the idea of corralling Boyd and Cora to the school under the assumption that it is empty.  I guess the school never hired a new security guard after the last one was killed on school premises late that night in front of Scott and Stiles.  He was a security guard, right?  No matter, either the position was never filled or Scott has the shortest memory ever and forgot what happened that night.

We never actually find out if there was another security guard in the building as Scott’s new teacher is the one who takes focus as the person still in the building.  She would have been fine had she stayed in her classroom, but unfortunately she had to make a supply run down into the poorly located supply room past the boiler room door that just so happens to be that which is supposed to hold the two wolves till morning.  Derek ventures back into the boiler room to keep her safe when Scott realizes there is someone else in there with Boyd and Cora, and I definitely like this side of Derek.  This time he isn’t listening to Peter as he did at the end of season 1, at least not yet, and it is nice to see that he is learning a lot from Scott in concern to how to be a great person.  What’s more is that even though it was a kill or be killed situation, when it came to the moment of decision he just couldn’t pull the trigger on his family, letting them tear into his body until the sun came up and tamed Boyd and Cora.  At least I think he didn’t kill them in the end as they did just lie there as Scott and Isaac come into the room to help.

But what is Derek going to do about the teacher?  As great as he seems to be now, I was still definitely worried about Scott allowing Derek to go in and make sure the teacher was ok.  It makes sense that he would help protect Isaac and Scott’s identity and just keep her from knowing that two of her students were there in the first place, but I still had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that he would kill her to keep her quiet.  I guess instead he decided to just be a pretty great storyteller to explain what the heck she saw, because I doubt she took E like those two girls did.  Guess we will find out next week.

Final Thoughts

As a new murderer starts to reveal more and more about his/herself, more questions arise as to what the heck is going on.  I think its safe to say that someone controlling bugs takes werewolves being the only supernatural being in the town off the table.  I had really hoped for this, so Teen Wolf has some work to do to convince me that this isn’t another weird inclusion as the Kanima was.  Last, but not least, Stiles better do something about his v-card stat, because no way am I letting him die!

Teen Wolf S3Ep3

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