Music Review: 3OH!3’s ‘Omens’

3OH3-Omens-2013-1200x1200It’s been a while since we heard from the bros of Boulder came out with an album. But in the time since their latest effort came out, music has since brushed aside theier fun party raps. That makes their latest effort, Omens, stray from being original and conforms to become generic.

Let me make something clear before getting into the album; I’ve been a fan of Sean and Nat since “Electroshock” first came up on YouTube. Watching the duo hit it big with “Don’t Trust Me” back on 2008 made me as a fan feel great, then watching headline Warped Tour the following year was really rewarding. But Streets of Gold, their third album, rubbed me the wrong way. It’s not that it was bad, per say, but the tracks weren’t nearly as fun or as catchy as Want was two years prior. 3OH!3’s take on pop was something fresh and inviting, so changing to what pop artists are doing now is so disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of catchy songs on Omens. The lead single ” You’re Gonna Love This” reminds me of something Mike Posner would’ve put on his first album, with a break down that screams to be played at clubs. “Youngblood” is a pretty good summer jam, with one of the better choruses on the album. “Back To Life” is a slower jam on the album, but probably the catchiest Omens has to offer.

Besides those two tracks, Omens kind of flounders. The production on some of these tracks feels so familiar, it’s hard do differentiate what makes them 3OH!3. “Black Hole” has a decent concept behind it, but its semi-dub step approach makes it sound lie a Skrillex rip-off. “Do Or Die” suffers from the same complaint, except it was way more blunt with its dub step feel. “Make It Easy” has that basic club beat that reminds me something Usher would sing over, not for Sean and Nat to rap over.

There might be a reason why the beats are a tad bit heavier than usual – the Achilles Heel for Omens is its awful…AWFUL…lyrics. Each song (besides the intro, of course) is filled with terrible, cliched metaphors and dumb lyrics referencing being a fish out of water or “rocking a computer; Stephen Hawking” . These aren’t clever, funny, or hold any sort of meaning besides filling the gap between beats. Worse yet is when they’re not trying to incorporate originality. The song “Two Girlfriends” is exactly the kind of song you think it is, with one of the laziest hooks the duo has ever put out. I’d be ashamed to have written something so blatantly simple. The guys aren’t being funny anymore.

3OH!3 used to have this sense of being tongue in cheek with their music; even their most ridiculous lyrics had moments of hilarity to them. Omens is the opposite of that; their lyrics, delivery, and attitude sound as if they want to be taken seriously. Without making an album in the past three years, the last thing they should do is try to reinvent themselves. Them being corny or intentionally funny made them enjoyable, and quite the show when you see them live. But Omens doesn’t bring out their personality – it only hinders it.

Final Grade: D+
Go Download: “Back To Life”

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