The Breakdown: Ender’s Game Trailer

Enders_Game_headerEnder’s Game is a favorite book of many, so it was only a matter of time before it would come to the big screen.  Probably would have happened even sooner if it contained vampires or a love triangle.

First thing’s first, if you’d like to read Heather and my thoughts on Orson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game, which was our most recent completed Book Club entry, then click here.  Now onto the trailer:

0:08 – What the heck?  I thought this book happened in space… Are they using the ships from Battlestar Galactica?

0:20 – Oh that’s right, the aliens attacked our home planet first, so this is a flashback/epilogue scene.  It’s all coming back to me.  These scenes are pretty fractured, but there’s no doubt about how good they’re looking.  And they have the alien ships movement down really well, like swarms of bees moving around the human ships.

O:23 – Where is Harrison Ford’s neck?

0:29 – Wow does this sound like the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, or is it just me?  At least trailers have moved away from using that one song from The Island‘s soundtrack over and over again.

0:41 – I’m sorry, Harrison, but how exactly do children not fear what you fear?  No matter how you present the training, even as a game, the end result of protecting the human race from aliens is bound to make some kids pee their pants.  Especially because they’re kids.  I don’t care if they’re of the genius variety, they’re still children, they’re still human.  The first night they got to battle school they cried for the families and homes they left behind, so they feel fear.  Stupid Harrison.

0:46 – No wonder they were using music seemingly from Tron.  Look at those lights and suits!  I don’t know why I didn’t imagine the battle rooms like this in my mind, cuz this is so much better!  Stupid lack of imagination…  These tiny clips do have me excited for all the games in these rooms though, because the variation of set ups will hopefully create scenes that are different enough from each other to remain exciting each time we go into zero gravity.

0:59 – Why is Ender’s voice so low!?  The age of the children never really bothered me too much while reading the book because there are some mind boggling savants out there, but it does help that he sounds like he’s at least gone through puberty.  This should hopefully help viewers accept that the military is relying on children, or at least allow them to agree to move past it.

1:01 – This is not how I imagined Mazer Rackham at all.  When he is first introduced in the book, I imagined someone like Kill Bill‘s Pae Mei, or a Buddhist monk.  Someone calm, full of wisdom, and hiding a surprising power within.  Plus anytime I see someone with tattoos on their face all I can think of is that girl who had her boyfriend of one day tattoo his name across the entire surface of her face.

1:10 – Ooo Hailee Steinfeld!  I honestly have no idea what role she is playing since all of the characters from the book didn’t do the best job of making themselves memorable, other than Bean and Ender’s siblings.  My only guess is that she is playing the girl who was a master marksman, but that’s assuming that they chose not to change the sex of any of the other characters.

1:17 – Those tattoos… Make them stop!  I keep imaging that he has a tongue slit down the middle like a snake.

1:20 – Viola Davis playing the more sympathetic character again.  But this time she won’t get to tell any of the kids how kind, smart, or important they are for fear of weakening their war time training with love.

1:23 – Ooo Abigail Breslin is playing Ender’s sister, Valentine!

1:24 – Oh man, that look over her shoulder is intense.  I think I am going to like this kid!

1:27 – And then Ender had to go and ruin it by voguing.

1:38 – [Spoiler for those of you that haven’t read the book!!] I can’t believe they showed the biggest shock of the story in the trailer!  Luckily those who haven’t read the book probably won’t note its importance, but if by some chance they remember this scene and watch the movie waiting for it, their viewing experience is definitely going to suffer for it.

Final Thoughts – I was a little concerned for Ender’s Game after seeing the initial stills released, but the trailer has definitely upped the excitement level since I can now breath easy about casting and visual effects.  Who’s with me!?

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