Film Review: Suicide Squad

Back when Suicide Squad was rushed into reshoots following the reaction to the initial trailer release, I remember talking myself into the opinion that filming new content could only be a good thing even though most feared for the worst. After all, video game release dates get pushed all the time to allow for more […]

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Film Review: Blackhat

Going in I didn’t expected to fully understand what occurs in Blackhat because I know nothing about hacking and coding, but the lack of a previous understanding of this skill-set is not what makes this film nonsensical. It’s that it’s just bad.

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Film Review: The Help

There is a short list of movie topics that have a tendency to make me a little hesitant to see them, including zero to hero sports movies, revolutionary apes (sorry Rise of the Planet of the Apes), bible huggers, and racism.  Ok, only the religious and racial tension films (or a combo of racism and […]

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Review: Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is a dull and poorly executed picture that meanders, is no where near as good as it thinks it is, and fails to engage or fill us with emotion almost every step of the way. Liz Gilbert isn’t happy in life and when she decides she can’t take it any more she […]

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Review: Doubt

The film adaptation of this award winning play is superbly acted, beautifully shot, and while maybe a bit long winded from time to time, it remains constantly engaging and keeps you guessing and talking after the film is over. Sister James (Amy Adams) is the newest sister and teacher at the local Bronx church school […]

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