TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 3.7 “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

GameOfThronesHeaderRight before our eyes, Jaime Lannister has gone from being one of the most hated, to one of the most respectable characters in the Game of Thrones universe, and this episode completed the circle of that transformation.

Of all the relationships between characters that Game of Thrones has given us, Jaime and Brienne’s has to be my favorite.  Losing his sword hand had a huge affect on Jaime but even prior to that memorable event, we began to see him opening up to Brienne.  It is impossible to tell whether or not he still would have gone back and rescued her whether he still had his hand or not but I think he would have.  There is some sort of connection there between the two of them, but the question still remains.  Where do they go from here?  Assuming Jaime is able to return to King’s Landing, what will Brienne do?  Will she join the Lannisters?  What will Jaime do once he’s returned as well?  Surely he no longer has the skills remain in the King’s Guard and I can only imagine the anger he will possess once he learns that Cersei has been sent to High Garden to wed Loras Tyrell.  Whatever becomes of Jaime and Brienne, I only hope that the two of them are able to remain in close contact with one another.

Tyrion is completely stuck.  It’s understandable that Shea is so upset.  Everything she said to him is true and Tyrion knows it.  The only way they could ever be together as husband and wife, or some form thereof, would be if they left the realm.  Leaving the realm would also make Tyrion be subjected to all of the hardships associated with the medieval life of a dwarf, since the Lannister name can only travel so far.  I have a feeling that we may be seeing the early stages of the deterioration of Tyrion’s relationship with Shea.  He loves her but his fathers decision is final and it appears that everyone involved can do nothing more than suffer.

It seems as though some of the best conversations have been taking place in the throne room lately.  This week we had a great one between King Joffrey and his grandfather Tywin Lannister.  There was nothing especially interesting in the words that either of them were speaking, but their actions revealed everything.  Joffrey began to give his grandfather attitude, and all Tywin had to do was walk up those few stairs and be on the same level as Joffrey to make him back down.  The best part was the subtle way Joffrey scooted back in his chair, almost as though he was retreating from his grandfather.  Everyone knows that Tywin Lannister is the real person in charge of The Seven Kingdoms, but I have a feeling Joffrey won’t let that stand for much longer.

It’s funny how even though they haven’t done more than walk since they scaled the wall, the differences between Ygritte and Jon Snow have become more obvious than ever.  Ygritte always seemed to have the upper hand until now, but south of the wall is so obviously foreign to her that it’s laughable.  The windmill amazed her, and when Jon Snow tries to tell her about Winterfell she immediately goes into her mocking ways, but this time it’s not the same.  When she mocked Jon Snow beyond the wall it carried much more weight, but now it is painfully transparent.  We know just as well as Jon does that she would be blown away at the sight of Winterfell no matter how much she mocked it.  Jon also taught us something this week.  Mance Rayder is not the first King Beyond the Wall.  In fact he is the seventh to be given this title.  Six times before, the Wildlings have organized behind one man, six times they have attacked the wall and six times they have failed.  From what we’ve seen it looks like the Wildlings have the upper hand and maybe Mance Rayder is smarter than his predecessors, but which side will Jon Snow end up fighting for when the time comes?

I don’t know why but I had a feeling that before we saw the end of Theon’s torture we would see his manhood taken from him.  His torturer is right, in all likelihood that probably is his most precious part and now it is most likely gone.  I’m trying to be an optimist here since we saw the men holding Theon down and we saw his torturer going over to him with the knife drawn, but then the scene ended. Maybe, just maybe they didn’t actually turn him into a eunuch but I highly doubt it, poor Theon.

Daenerys absolutely detests slavery, and it appears that the city of Yunkai shall be her next victim for this reason.  At first I was a little saddened by the interaction Daenerys and the representative from Yunkai because I knew that meant we would more than likely have to wait until next season for her to finally cross the narrow sea.  That sadness lasted less than a second however because more than anything, I have been waiting to see her and her newly freed unsullied army put to the test.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see her dragons in action once again and with only three episodes left in the season, they are almost guaranteed to be packed with excitement.

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