TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 3.6 “The Climb”

GameOfThronesHeaderThis week’s Game of Thrones, entitled “The Climb” was once again spread a little too thin to be as exciting as previous episodes, but Jon Snow and Ygritte’s ascent up the wall was absolutely thrilling.

It’s hard to consider a show of this caliber being boring, but this episode came awfully close.  Unfortunately, this week we were given a middle chapter where we saw everything progress, but never saw anything conclude.  Putting that aside, this episode was still pretty solid as far as entrainment value is concerned.  When Jon Snow was able get his axe into the wall at the last moment and in turn save not only his life but Ygritte’s as well, my heart was pounding.  I honestly thought he was going to lose her in that scene, and without Ygritte, Jon Snow doesn’t stand a chance amongst the wildlings.  I feel like they were trying to make a point that the man with the eagle wanted to cut them lose.  He certainly didn’t waste anytime making the decision to cut the rope, and he seemed somewhat upset when Jon and Ygritte made their way to the top.  I can’t help but wonder if something even worse than having their rope cut is going to happen to them.  Perhaps that was what Jojen Reed saw when he was having his vision/seizure.

To me the most interesting table setting that took place this week was when Melisandre left with Gendry.  Somehow she knows the truth about Gendry, and we have no idea how.  Perhaps she sees it in him, but how did she know how to find him in the first place?  She continues to work in mysterious ways but now I am extremely interested to see what will become of Gendry.  Will Melisandre take him to Stannis, or does she have something else for him in mind?  I can’t see Stannis being happy with the existence of Gendry, but I would imagine Melisandre would be able to convince him otherwise.  I think what I’m most excited about however, is Gendry’s reaction when he learns who his father was.

I’m hoping that once Robb’s uncle Edmure, marries one of Walder Frey’s daughters Robb will be able to return to the battle field.  This entire season he has fought zero battles and he even admits that although he has won every battle, he is losing the war.  I’m sure we will have to endure at least one more episode where all we do is watch what I’m sure will be a rather awkward wedding.  Even though Robb’s time spent on the battlefield wasn’t all that exciting, it kept Tywin on the battlefield and out of King’s Landing.  Tywin’s most recent order is down right cruel.  Out of the four people affected, Sansa is predictably taking the worst.  I think it’s impossible for anyone to not feel an enormous amount of pity for Sansa Stark, especially now.  Tyrion will be nothing but kind to her but the situation is still awful for all four of them.  I wish we could have seen how the conversation went when Tyrion was forced to tell Sansa in front of Shea.  I can only imagine that Shea is pretty upset with the circumstances but I can see something good coming from the three of them working together.  They of course have to be able to work together first, but I feel that the three of them will be able to form a unique and powerful bond if they handle the situation appropriately.  I can also only imagine how interactions will be between Loras Tyrell and Cersei.  I have a feeling their relationship will be almost comical and therefore wonderful to watch.

Poor Theon Greyjoy.  I can’t believe he has now spent over half the season being tortured.  I’m not really sure what to make of the guessing game he played with his torturer.  It seems like Theon might have been correct about who he was and where he has been this whole time.  His torturer admitted to being a liar, but what part was he lying about?  Ending the torture or when he said yes to everything Theon guessed?  I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t help but look away during the finger cutting/bone removing.  That was down right brutal and really difficult for me to watch.  I have a feeling that we will have to wait until this season is over to see if Theon will ever be able to leave the torture room again, and hopefully next time will be for good.

I think some of the most interesting dialogue this show has ever given us has been between Lord Baelish and Lord Varys.  Their conversation this week was incredible.  It is often easy to forget that Peter Baelish is extremely evil by nature, and his actions are often ruthless.  Even though neither one ever fully came out and said it, it was easy to pick up on right away that Little Finger had disposed of his assistant Ros in a gruesome fashion.  He had warned her of doing this last season, but I for one never thought it would actually happen. Especially since Ros had been a regular character in this show since season one.  Her death had to be horrible and I am very happy that we didn’t have to endure watching it, and it was a great reminder of Joffrey’s cruelty that had been absent in recent episodes.  I am certain though, that we will see more of it before this season is over.


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