TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 3.3 “Walk of Punishment”

GameOfThronesHeaderDaenerys Stormborn is now one step closer to reclaiming her rightful seat on the Iron Throne, and bringing the Seven Kingdoms under the control of the Targaryen’s once again.

In order to get her army, (a possibly unbeatable army I might add) and reclaim her throne, Daenery’s must give up one of her dragons.  Something I never would have imagined she would be so willing to do.  Willing isn’t even the best word for it since it was initially her idea.  I absolutely hate Kraznys, but I think that’s kind of the point.  He is mean and ruthless, and I can only imagine what he has planned for Daenery’s largest dragon.  At the same time I feel as though Daenery’s knows that she will have her dragon back before long.  After all, I would imagine that containing said dragon when it doesn’t want to be held captive by someone other than its mother would be impossible.

Tywin Lannister continues his role as hand of the king and decides to appoint Tyrion as Master of Coin, a duty formally held by Petyr Baelish.  Lord Baelish seemed to have no problem relieving himself of this duty as well, but he seems to have a rather difficult task of acquiring Lady Arryn and her Knights of the Vale.  I don’t think we have seen Lady Arryn since season one, but I would imagine she hasn’t changed much.  Once acquired the Knights of the Vale, I feel like Tywin will leave the kingdom and once again take to the battlefield.  When he does I can only hope he decides to appoint Tyrion as The Hand of the King once again but I would not be surprised if he chose someone else.

Theon Greyjoy is finally free from his torture chamber by someone he knows, but we are still unsure of exactly who this person is.  This whole situation with Theon is rather confusing.  He is told that his sister will be waiting for him when he rides east but we have yet to actually see her this season.  We did see Theon’s rescuer save him from certain rape so he clearly cares about Theon but why?  Oh and we also know (thanks to his rescuer again) that he is not on the Iron Islands.  This of course raises the question of, if they aren’t on the Iron Islands then where are they?

Jon Snow is finally having his loyalty tested by Mance Rayder.  The test will come when Jon and a few other wildlings will attempt to climb the great wall, and attack the Night Watchmen who reside inside the castle walls.  Mance even tells Tormund that if Jon disappoints them, to have him thrown off the wall.  It will be very interesting to see what Jon does in this situation.  I assume he is still a crow deep down but maybe he is starting to believe in Mance Rayder.  He seems to make a rather good argument about fighting off the White Walkers.  Also, what exactly did he mean when he referred to the White Walkers as artists when he walked up to the spiral of chopped up horses?  The White Walkers do seem to do twisted things with their victims bodies, but we have no idea why or what purpose it serves.

I am very happy that nothing bad happened to Arya.  I was kind of worried when The Hound revealed who she was, but it turned out okay.  I feel bad admitting this but I’m also glad that Arya and Gendry no longer have Hot Pie following them around.  He seemed to be a constant burden, and it seems like he will fit in greatly at this inn as a cook.  I would like to think that that won’t be the last time we see Hot Pie but if he’s staying at that inn then I don’t really see how any other outcome is possible.  I don’t understand why The Hound isn’t more interested in joining up with these banner-less soldiers.  It seems like something that would be right up his alley but instead it appears as though he will remain their prisoner for at least a little bit longer.

This was an ending I did not see coming at all.  Jaime seemed to have smooth talked himself out of a bad situation and then things escalated quickly.  Jaime had begun to open himself to Brienne and in turn, opening himself up to us as well.  I can’t speak for everyone but I was beginning to really like Jaime.  I think the fact that he couldn’t defeat Brienne made him seem far less threatening and a lot easier to sympathize with.  Then he does the first good deed we have seen from him yet, and stops those men from brutally raping Brienne.  Then the next thing you know he has a massive cleaver being shoved into his eye.  It looks painful and and the situation is stressful to watch but when it’s over you feel relief.  Then, just as you begin to relax, the cleaver comes back only this time it goes for Jaime’s sword hand and removes it entirely.  You can feel Jaime’s pain as you hear him scream and this intense emotion we are left with is incredible.  I’m not gonna lie, I could not stop thinking about that final scene until I went to bed.  This was by far the best ending so far this season, and with the amount of build up we witnessed last night, next Sunday’s episode looks to be even more promising.

Walk of Punishment

One thought on “TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 3.3 “Walk of Punishment”

  1. If you think this end was crazy just wait for what I am assuming is going to end the upcoming episode. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SO MUCH STUFF TO HAPPEN CUZ THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME! Sorry, I couldn’t hold it back.

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