TV Recap: Revolution 113 “The Song Remains The Same”

revolution-nbc-2If you were wondering where my last Revoulution post was last week, don’t worry. It wasn’t misplaced or got lost in the shuffle – I just didn’t post one. See, Revolution has found itself into a like-hate relationship with me, and the recent episodes have been teetering on a STRONG HATE. There are so many plot holes and action leading to nothing that it makes me think the writers found themselves scratching their heads on what to do after they came back from Winter Hiatus.

Gladly, “The Song Remains The Same” upped the quality level – ever so slightly. Firstly, the growth of Charlie – from being a rather annoying pest to overall badass of the group, wasn’t necessarily in force tonight, but still managed to be one of the better characters this show is putting out. Not Nate aka Jason even had himself a night tonight, with some brilliant archery later on and the smarts to turn on his dad Neville, who got captured during the very beginning of the episode. The two of them, although pretty inedible that the two of them will end up together somehow, are doing a really good job of stunting their attractions toward each other. She hates him – and likewise.

Who I’m starting to hate now is Miles. The first ten episodes, Miles was THE GUY who didn’t care about who was around him, and just wanted to get the job done. Now, he’s entangled himself into a relationship with Nora (which I’m rooting for) and Rachel (whom I wish dies in the next couple of episodes). Miles isn’t Miles anymore – not the one we were introduced to in the beginning of the season. Although he is becoming more understanding and compassionate, I feel like that is making him a lot weaker of a leader. Time will tell I guess.

That goes for the show as well. Although this was a big improvement over last weeks terrible episode, it still could have been a lot better than it was. The first half had all the makings of a great episode, but the last half was chalk full of moments that fell flat, or just opened up more plot holes that they never filled back up. For instance, where did Neville get the nail he used to get himself out of the camp? Were there no other people around the compound that could’ve taken him out after he left? When did that Rachel/Miles relationship start? Why are we supposed to hate Texas (shoutout to Texas BTW)? Why are we supposed to care about if Rachel lives or dies?

These question and probably more will probably not be explained for quite a while. Next week, we are going to Georgia to stop a terrorist plot to nuke the state. Let’s hope that will bring out the best when the writers go on the road and bring us somewhere new. Let’s also hope that Revolution picks up its shit, or else it’ll continue to lose viewers.

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