The Breakdown: Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer HeaderOne of the surprise films to do better than some of the actual superhero adaptations to screen has to be Kick-Ass (I still have to give Super a second chance), so it was only a matter of time before this film got the sequel it deserved.  And the trailer does not disappoint.  See it, and my breakdown, after the break.

0:00 – Ooo Redband!

0:11 – Dave Lizewski is back, but clearly he is suffering from brain damage after the beating he took on camera if he really thinks that he could lay a hand on Mindy Macready during training.  He was unfortunate enough to miss her massacre down the hallway, but the doubt placed on her skills makes him more than deserving of the slap to the face coming his way.  Better take those glasses off.

0:24 – “Oh take your tampon out, Dave.”  Oh Hit-Girl, how I’ve missed you.

0:29 – Goodness there must be a pretty intense training montage or something between that first day and this shot because Dave is ripped!  Not that I paused the trailer or anything…  He might need to order the next size up in his green spandex.

0:41 – Is that dog wearing an American flag mask?  I think I might actually be more excited for the German Shep than Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes.

0:56 – Ok, maybe not.  Let’s face it, this isn’t exactly a role I pictured this comedian doing, not that I know much about the character yet (still need to read the comics).  But beating people up?  I guess masks really do give the man powers.  And with his comedic abilities there’s no doubt that there is a lot of potential to have a good time with this guy.  Now if only I could just figure out what accent he’s doing…

0:58 – “A world full of superheroes.  Wait till they get a load of me.”  I’m  assuming that Red Mist did a lot of training of his own if he’s going to talk with that much machismo.  Or maybe he just really wants to show off the facial hair he managed to push out of his chin.

1:14 – Diving into a revenge plot for what Kick-Ass did to his dad, Red Mist is no more, becoming “The Mother F—er.”  No, seriously, because Kick-Ass wasn’t comedic enough.  Can’t these guys pick names I’m allowed to say in front of my mom though!?  Also, why is he dressed like he likes it kinky?  I thought the facial hair was funny…  Look at that feathery neck piece!  And, you know, the rest of it too…  I hardly noticed the guns in his hands.  Maybe that’s the point!

1:20 – Oh no, there’s more!  That hair plume makes him look like a disturbing troll doll.  At least he did think out the arm spikes, because I definitely wouldn’t want to swing into those.

1:36 – Oh no!  Kick-Ass’s identity revealed!  Sorry dad, but not putting the suit back on is a promise he can’t make.

1:42 – Dave might not be able to feel pain, but it probably is a wise idea to put on some extra armor.  And his costume is different, so loophole to the promise his dad asked for?

1:46 – Looks like the Batman comparisons are far from over with Big Daddy since we’ve got his suit displayed in a glass case.  Not quite the same as Christian Bale standing in front of a case that rises from the ground, but we’ve got less of a budget here.

1:46 part 2 – Also, getting a closer look at this suit here, doesn’t it look like what Kick-Ass was wearing at 1:42 (minus the mask)?  Guess Dave and Mindy got pretty close if she is willing to hand her father’s suit over.

1:53 – Look at them all!  I want a close up of everyone holding a name tag in front of them right now!

1:55 – Even Dave’s best friend decided to join the ranks as a Captain America rip-off?  Clearly Dave didn’t tell him why he doesn’t wear his glasses while crime fighting.  Granted, he’s probably going to take one punch before crumbling to the ground.  And sledge hammer man better not say “The hammer is my penis” because that line is already taken!

2:02 – Goodness, I think Dave is even more ripped here!  Not that I am pausing again or anything…  Guess he really took that “no punks in suits” line to heart.

2:12 – Hit-Girl can’t wear her plaid skirt all the time, but I love that the costume design department thought it out enough to keep her in clothes that manage to make her look innocent, juxtaposed with the gun in her hands.

2:18 – Did I already say that I missed Hit-Girl.  Because I really did.

2:27 – Seriously, what accent is Jim Carrey doing!

2:29 – “Yeah, there’s a dog on your balls!” Knowing Hollywood, there’s a good chance that this dog isn’t going to make it to the end credits, especially because it will knock Colonel Stars and Stripes down.  And who doesn’t want to see that character cry?  It would be hilarious!  But the cost might be too high…

So what did you think of the trailer?  There were no signs of Dave’s girlfriend, though Lyndsy Fonseca does appear on the IMDB page for Kick-Ass 2.  Could be some drama in that department if he’s taking his shirt off in front of other ladies.  That and Fonseca has Nikita now.  But that’s far less important than what we did see.  Which looks pretty awesome.  Can’t wait to see Jim Carrey and what he brings to the already great character list.

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