TV Review: Girls 209 – On All Fours


Girls gets awkward this week and things are not looking good heading into the finale.
Hannah: Her OCD is still working, but her publisher is ready to push her e-book into a novel. That doesn’t stop her from getting a splinter up her ass and shoving a Q-tip too far down her ear as the good news doesn’t help her right her ship. Her self destructiveness combined with the OCD is very odd behavior, even for Hannah, and she has a friend in destruction with Adam; more on him later. She only has a couple scenes in the episode, but all are quite funny, even if hard to watch, but that final shot of the episode as she plunges the guilty Q-tip into her other ear to possibly even things out can’t help but make you cringe. Why is she trying to sabotage success? She has always wanted to be better than everyone else to some extent and she might be ruining it because she has no one to share it with. I think what got lost over the last few episodes is that she is pretty much alone. Even when Jessa was around she was an absent soul and no one else has really been there for Hannah this back half of the season. I don’t know where we will end up next week in the finale, but I hope that they bring that Indian doctor back somehow. Put on some pants Hannah, you’re on the street!

Adam: After having a good week with his new girl, things begin to get physical and Adam turns into a seemingly ticking time bomb. You think he is about to make it without blowing up, but then he runs into Hannah and that all comes crumbling down. He seems to be adjusting to “normal” life ok enough, even if he is clearly an alien to all this, but I buy his chemistry with Natalia and I would love to see him move on. I even bought his brushing off of Hannah on the street until he ordered that drink. Things don’t go as bad as they could have most likely, but watching Adam show Natalia his home and his truest self (as far as we know) is hard to watch. Giving her commands, eating her ass out and cumming on her chest, all in the animalistic nature we have known from his time with Hannah, shocking to both the audience and Natalia; yet she doesn’t seem to give up on him in the end. He is trying to ruin this, again I just don’t know why, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is still around next week. Still, a scene unlike any I have ever seen on television and truly great work by everyone involved.

Ray and Shosh: Her make out session is hanging over the whole episode for these two and he can smell it. Ray’s jealousy and love isn’t really being reciprocated by Shosh any more and I feel like this is going to end badly next week. Not just because Ray is in love, but he has isolated himself from everyone except Shosh and Marnie it seems. He and Charlie seem distant, if familiar, at the party and he hasn’t really had any successful interactions with other human beings for some time. Shosh admits to some hand holding, he forgives her in a second, and you can see that Shosh might even be turned off that he is completely unphased. I predict bad things for these two next week.

Charlie and Marnie: His company keeps getting bigger, she keeps falling farther, but at least her song wasn’t horrendous; right? For some reason Charlie invites Ray, Shosh and Marnie to his celebration party and Marnie decides to debut her singer/songwriter career to the world. She goes down in flames, completely oblivious of course, but she wins in the end as Charlie can’t resist her sadness and fucks her in his office. Is it out of pity or attractiveness, we won’t know till next week, but it’s sad to see Marnie being so happy just to fuck her ex again which she detested so much only a few short months ago. And what is Charlie thinking? Shosh was right, he could get any girl he wanted at this party and he goes to his ex? I don’t know man, but I am intrigued where these two end up at the end of season two.

A lot of tension this week on Girls and even more awkwardness on top of that. I don’t know which character is the most sad this week, but there was still plenty of laughs on the show. Adam gets ugly, Marnie keeps falling, Hannah is spinning out of control, Shosh is guilt ridden, Ray is oblivious, and Charlie goes slumming. Not a lot of positivity there. I have no idea what’s coming next week in the finale and I can’t wait to find out.

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