TV Review: Girls 208 – It’s Back


Girls brings out an unexpected side in everybody this week, but one of them seems rather artificial.

Hannah: That artificial side I mentioned above happens to be from our favorite aspiring author who apparently has OCD and it’s rearing its ugly head again under the pressure of her upcoming book. The symptoms come out of nowhere and it never really feels all that natural as the episode goes on. Her parents are in town for a conference and a friendly visit to see their daughter and they instantly see the signs. Outside putting Hannah in front of a shrink to question her recent hot streak in life I don’t know what the point of all this OCD stuff is. The show can obviously carry this through as the show goes forward, but I have the feeling we are never going to see this OCD again. At least they got a couple good lines out her story, but it was the weakest thread of the night.

Adam: The gold star of the night goes to Adam, who has a resurgence after getting screened by Hannah. Back at an AA meeting, feeling weak, he gets recruited by a fellow member to take her daughter out on a blind date and he surprisingly accepts. Everything that follows is fantastic as Adam awkwardly makes the call, is jaw dropped by her beauty and the two really end up hitting it off. Adam Driver gives one of the best performances the show has seen as he is just so raw and real throughout. It was great to get a look deeper inside Adam’s head and he continues to be one of the most engaging characters on television.

Shosh: Things might be hitting the wall for her and Ray as their age gap seems to finally be getting between them. Shosh wants to party, Ray wants to stay home, and that wedge leads to Shoshanna, at the least, making out with some doorman. It’s also interesting to hear her opinion on anything for a change instead of just spouting funny pop culture references. Ray is already making her feel like she is going to have to take care of people the rest of her life and that fear is what drives her to the hot doorman. Ray can be good for Shoshanna, but it seems like they might have just met at the wrong time in their lives.

Marnie: Continuing on her downward spiral I never would have thought Ray might be the one to help her turn the corner. That’s getting ahead of ourselves though as Charlie crushes her by becoming wildly successful. He sells an app, gets a corner office and quite the payday, but I was pleased to see her reaction. She isn’t mad she left him before he got successful so she could just leach on, which says a lot for how rough it’s been for her, she is just upset he is doing what he wanted to do and she isn’t. Ray’s sagely advice gets doled out to Marnie this week as he drops a truth bomb on her and the results are surprising. Besides being a funny exchange, Marnie’s reveal that she wants to sing seems like a joke at first, but dammit if she can’t belt it out. So Marnie is going to sing, I wonder if Ray will be a part of this endeavor, and I think she might be finally turning that corner back to positivity in her life.

Ray: Poor Ray. He’s just trying to be himself, it’s just too bad he is just not on the same page with Shoshanna. I did really enjoy his scene with Marnie though as Williams and Karpovsky really sell their relationship as real and something that has grown over the last couple months of living together. Ray seems to have recovered from his trip to Staten Island, but I am really scared at what the fallout to Shoshanna cheating on him is going to be.

A solid episode of Girls this week, even if I had some big issues with the whole OCD thing. Adam Driver steals the show though and makes you forget about any shortcomings with Hannah’s story and the rest of the plot lines work great on top of that. A nice bounce back after a weaker episode of the show last week and one that opens a lot of avenues for these final couple episodes of the season.

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