TV Review: Girls 204 – “It’s a Shame About Ray”


Girls gets its first true ensemble episode of season 2 and it might be viewed as the episode that defined its leap to greatness when it is all said and done.

Hannah: In celebration of her new writing gig, Hannah decides to have a dinner party and invites over the crew, Ray & Shosh, Charlie & Audrey and an unexpected Marnie who Hannah never thought would show up after the reveal of her sleeping with the now evicted Elijah.

More of a facilitator for the madness this week, Hannah feels accomplished and a bit on top of the world all the way to her “Wonderwall” bath. She also gets a great back and forth with Elijah to open the episode; one word, butt-plugs. Either way, it was fun to see the show do so well while Hannah sat in the backseat, interjecting plenty of humor along the way.

Marnie: Continuing down while Hannah rises, Marnie’s appearance this week is instantly upsetting to Charlie, Audrey and Hannah who hilariously passes the buck to Charlie whether she stays or goes. Williams is great at playing her as she tries to fake that she is happy and comfortable with her current station in life, but being a fuck buddy to Booth and hostessing are surely not what she wants to be. Every time Booth is mentioned she always has to qualify him, but I was ecstatic that she rejected Charlie coming on to her. She will land on her feet soon enough (right?) and I can’t help but feel sorry for her when she get berated unjustly by Audrey. Hopefully Marnie finds her way before this season is up as I don’t know why they feel the need to punish her so much this season.

Shosh & Ray: The title of the episode is taken from Ray’s revealed predicament as he has secretly, sort of, just moved in with Shoshanna without ever really telling her. Their relationship is as sweet as ever and Mamet just continues to shine in all her quirks. Shosh figuring out what Ray has done causes her to become quite flummoxed, but it leads to one of the most heartfelt moments the show has yet done.

The subway moment is one of the best proclamations of love ever put on TV and Ray’s speech is heartbreaking, sincere and delivers so much depth to the character that you can’t help but be wowed. Karpovsky earned his full time status in a matter of minutes and I hope Shosh and him never fall out of love; great stuff.

Jessa: Speaking of falling out of love, Jessa and Thomas-John are on the splits and it all comes crumbling down over a hilarious first dinner with the parents. Thomas-John’s parents are perfectly molded to believe that this is their son, Dad quickly has the hots for Jessa and Mom’s disapproving side comes right out of their son once she starts questioning the new bride, but Jessa just adds fuel to the fire as she blows up the whole dinner in glorious fashion.

The fight at home just gets plain nasty though and I want to believe Jessa wasn’t just playing this dude for money, but she jumps right at the money when Thomas-John offers to pay her off. It will be a shame to see Chris O’Dowd go, but Jessa certainly could do better. I can’t help but say this was all a tad rushed, but if the show is moving on to even greener pastures I won’t really complain.

That ten grand should go a long way to help pay Jessa’s half of the rent, I am assuming she is moving in with Hannah, and if they continue to have such raw, real and funny moments like the one in the bathtub, this new roommate scenario is going to be great for the show.

A great episode of Girls this week, possibly my favorite yet, and I look forward to where the drama goes after this episode shakes up almost every relationship on the show. 

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