Best & Worst Super Bowl XLVII Commercials


The Super Bowl is a time when fans of all teams can get together, cook up some food, and watch two teams beat the crap out of each other.  And in between, we all watch and see how the million dollar commercials came out.  And 2013’s commercials were all over the place, so Alan and Lauren have decided to pick their favorites (and not so favorites) out of this year’s batch.

Best Commercials

1 – Doritos Goat – Doritos won best commercial last year for the murderous dog who bribed the owner to stay quiet about the missing cat with a bag of his favorite chip, so it’s only natural that a fan would follow it up with something that is equally disturbing.  That’s right, fan made.  I’m really starting to be disturbed by the lengths people will go to obtain a bag of Doritos, but a shared love of something does not mean that we want to share the thing we love.  Sorry goat, but you’ve got to go.

2 – Lauren’s Pick: Tide Miracle Stain – Even when considering the commercial with NFL players popping out of boxes on their fan’s driveways, I’ve got to say that Tide managed to perfectly represent a fan’s blinding dedication to and zeal for their favorite teams.  Even the darker, b—- move side.

2 – Alan’s Pick: Bud Light Lucky Chair – I’m all for superstitions; I myself wore my lucky Ravens hat which has done nothing but win for me since I got it for Christmas.  But it’s not about me, it’s about Bud Light, and their solid series of superstition-based commercials that they’ve been showing all year.  Tonight, though, they added a bit of voodoo (thanks to the big game being in New Orleans this year) to their set.  One stood out above them all though, as two friends moves a lucky seat to the voodoo dealer’s whereabouts.  But they don’t want luck, they want a curse, as this is their buddies lucky chair.  All’s fair in love and football I guess.

3 – Lauren’s Pick: Budweiser Clydesdale – As a St. Louisan who would be disowned if I ever chose a beer other than a Anheuser Busch product, I was relieved to see at least one good commercial coming out of this company considering they used to be more than just the king of beers when it came to advertising.  And it would be the Clydesdales to bring it back.  As cheesy as it sounds to those who aren’t animal lovers through and through, I will admit to getting shivers when the Clydesdale rounded the corner to come back to his thought-to-be-forgotten and proud human pop, making this the commercial with the most heart this Super Bowl.

3 – Alan’s Pick: Samsung’s The Next Big Thing – Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd sure know how to bring the funny.  Whether they are jabbing each other with insults, or trying to pitch things to Saul Goodman, they found a way to make a commercial funny – without really talking about the product.  Even their smaller commercial – featuring the San Fransisco Fifty Minus Oners and the Baltimore Black Birds, is rather humorous.  Who needs to be serious about a phone anyways?

Runners up: Amy Poehler making Best Buy cool again, Audi Prom


Worst Commercials

Tied for 1: Go Daddy Make-out – Sure he gets to make out with the sexier side of Go Daddy, but I still feel so bad for this actor considering he will never be more than the stereotypical nerd.  That, and he might possibly be the loudest kisser on the planet in what I can only describe as a vomit inducing turn of events.

Tied for 1: Budweiser Black Crown – Who likes snobs?  Nobody.  So when Budweiser decided to shoot for the upper class with their new Black Crown beer, it more or less left an awful taste in my mouth.  When their spokesperson claimed “Here’s to our kind of beer,” my disdain for the commercial only grew.  Marketing to a select number of people is one thing, but almost disregarding us shmoes who buy your beer is another.  What’s worse, there were two commercials for it.  They should be happy that they had some Clydesdales to bail them out this year.

3 – PSY Pistachios – And I thought PSY fever was over, but no, Pistachios decided to have him “Crackin Gangnam Style.”  There comes a point in time when you are just tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, and that time has come for the Korean rapper.  Regardless, he still has a billion plus YouTube hits, so what do I know about marketing?

Runner Up – Old People Taco Bell

Final Thoughts

Did your favorite make the list?  Did we shun your favorite to our worst?  Or did something out-suck our bottom three?  Leave a comment below and continue the conversation!

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