Music Review: The Greatest Video Game Music 2

Music and video games have gone hand-in-hand for years. Whenever there’s a good game, there’s always a brilliant score to back it up. It can be just a small yet noticeable chime (Final Fantasy), to a minimalistic score that just hides in the background, making itself known whenever it wants to (Bioshock). Music helps set the moods to the games we play, helping suck our subconscious into the realms we explore. And the London Philharmonic Orchestra are at it again with another collection of beautifully played, well produced video game music for all to enjoy.

This time around, producer and conductor Andrew Skeet and Co. selected another 17 games to rescore, including Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Halo, Skyrim, Portal, and a Sonic Medley. None of these songs selected sound the same to any other’s on the disc – especially when you consider the generation gap between some of them. For example, both Super Metriod and Mass Effect are both outer space adventures, you can tell just by listening to both pieces which one is the older of the two.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra do a magnificent job from top to bottom of encapsulating the feelings of the games they have selected. Diablo 3‘s selection sounds just as dark and brooding as the game itself, while Luigi’s Mansion (yeah, Luigi’s Mansion gets a selection on here) has the sensibilities and charm that goes into Nintendo’s best games. The best on here, in my opinion, is the little known arcade game Fez‘s song “Adventure.” It’s bouncy towards the beginning, and moves seamlessly into a sweeping – yet way too short overture.

Although their “true to the game” style is nice to hear, I would’ve LOVED an overdramatic rendition of “Still Alive” from Portal instead of the happy-go-crazy version that we all are accustomed to. And if I can ride the complain train a little bit more, I wish Bioshock would’ve made another appearance on this collection. I find their soundtracks to be some of the best out there, and one epic peace I know these instrumentalists can recapture. And maybe next time we can get a collection of Best Of Playstation, Nintendo, or XBOX piece that fits in many unsung games/figures of each of the respected systems. One can wish, right?

With the holidays coming up, this can be a sure fire gift to give the gamer in your life. The music is gorgeous, cinematic, and undeniably amazing. There’s something on here for everyone – even the non-gamers can get into some of the music on this collection. The LPO put a lot of effort into making the music as gorgeous as possible, and if you can’t appreciate that, you must be a n00b or something.

Final Grade: A
Go Download: The entire collection on iTunes for $7.99

One thought on “Music Review: The Greatest Video Game Music 2

  1. Assassin’s Creed often has great music, with Brotherhood’s soundtrack being the strongest entry for me, but I’ve still gotta say Dead Space 2 is my favorite game soundtrack. I’ll have to give this a listen for sure.

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