TV Recap: Revolution 107 “The Children’s Crusade”

We are six episodes deep, and the characters of Revolution have yet to figure out what has caused the blackout. We have yet to figure out what happened to Grace…but that’s besides the point. With a giant add campaign this past week featuring some of the lights coming back on and A LOT of backstory that looks to come out, it feels like the show might be jumping the shark tonight. Will it happen? We’ll let’s find out, shall we?

I’m not even going to mention this intro….nope.

What Happened To Wonderland?

We start of with a branding of Charlie, who is not liking this at all. The Monroe emblem is being emblazed into her wrists, and it looks painful. This is a great start to the episode…well…not for her. But still.

2 days earlier…

The Gang of Four are still trucking along a road (yup, just some road), when they come across a child in the middle of the road. Surprise to no one watching, the kid was a decoy, as a whole children’s militia waiting for them. The leader, Michael, is making sure they’re not militia by checking their wrists (spoiler: Charlie isn’t one yet). Michael’s brother Peter has been taken by the militia, and he is not letting any grown ups help – until the group comes into play.

Charlie, of course, volunteers to save Peter. Aaron is no fan of this idea, while Miles, surprisingly is all for it. Who knew that he would finally bend to Charlie this early in the season. She didn’t even use the “Please, Miles” eyes.

Ugh, can’t wait until these political adds are over with. Sorry, but it’s true.

Who Cares About The Past?

Danny and Rachel are sitting down for some brunch (I assume), with Danny being the stubborn kid he is and not. She’s gets called into Monroe’s office, and is acting incredibly cold and emotionless. It’s like Maggie’s spirit transferred into her or something.

First flashback of the night, and IT FEATURES GRACE! Rachel’s dead husband, Bradley, and Grace are all showing the power turning off to some creepy suit guy. Rachel walks in on the experiment and is not happy with her husband.

As the Gang of Four continues walking, Miles gets a hint of someone following them. Turns out it was Michael and his little band of friends (like a mini clone of everyone in the gang of four).

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “It’s irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn’t it?”
-Miles to Charlie

The Gang of Eight arrives at a shipping yard that looks to housing – and transforming kids into Monroe followers. And Miles started it all. You don’t need other’s guilt if you can just administer it yourself.

Re-Education (Through Labor)

We get another flashback here of Rachel, incredibly pregnant right now, having some sort of problem. Apparently, Danny can’t get enough blood to his stupid head, which is almost killing him and causing Rachel mass amounts of pain.

Charlie uses her eye trick to get Miles to agree to storm that re-education fortress. Charlie poses as an outsider, waits along an almost abandoned road, and then gets punched in the face by militia.

If you’re keeping track at home, that’s now three punches to Charlie’s face this season.

Another Brick In The Wall

Charlie, now a captive/undercover agent, is dressed all in Monroe garb, ready to get her tactical on. She finds out pretty quickly that you can’t just “speak up” or “leave” without getting mercilessly beaten. So Charlie, being the quick thinker she is, bumps back on a WAY bigger guy and pushes him around a bit.

Then she gets bucked in the face. Make that 4 punches.

She comes to in the Monroe Ward, a little woozy from the punch to the face she sustained. As the doctor tries to administer some drugs into her system, she grabs it – flips it – and rams it into the doctors neck. That was the most BA thing she’s done all season.

A little short lived, however, as she is taken away by the commanding officer of the boat. Then she gets the brand we saw in the beginning of the episode. We have gone full circle and the episode isn’t even over yet.

Storming The Jolly Roger

It’s been far too long since Charlie has been gone, so Miles and Nora (who haven’t really been factors this episode) are going after her. This leaves Aaron alone with the kids.

Well, at least three of them, cause Michael pulled a Charlie and left the group.

That leaves Aaron with three of the kids and the Power Pendant, which just so happens to go off. The lighthouse that they were taking refuge in? Yeah, that’s fully operational. And luckily for the group, who is now at a stand still with some Monroe militia.


Under The Blinding Light

Luckily for the Group of Four, the lighthouse was a big enough distraction for them to get the upper hand on the Monroe militia. Charlie even stabs a guy.

The light also brings in unwanted guest, as Aaron has to defend the kids with an iron pipe. Which, surprisingly, he does really well.

Back at the Monroe camp, Monroe keeps trying to get Rachel to break about why the lights went out. That didn’t work, of course, or that would be jumping the shark 1000%.

We do get a flashback though, with Rachel and the man in the suit, known as Mr. Flynn. He wants to help make sure Danny is brought into the world safe as can be, but it looks like he has a price – the technology used to bring down the lights.

So this is what happened if I’m right: Rachel gave away the technology to save Danny, driving the world into an electrical-less world? That’s it, my Needs-To-Die list has added a member…
1) Danny
2) Rachel

Everyone in the fortress is now released, and Miles is now up Aaron’s ass about the Power Pendant. He finally breaks, and tells Charlie and Miles about what the pendant. Finally, it’s all out on the table…

WE FIND GRACE! Captive to Randall Flynn! VERY INTERSTING!

Final Thoughts: Two weeks in a row, Revolution impresses. I thought it was going to suck this week, but I am pleasantly surprised. The writing was on cue – not taking itself too seriously is a good thing. But what do you think, will they make it three weeks in a row? Leave your thoughts down below.

One thought on “TV Recap: Revolution 107 “The Children’s Crusade”

  1. I too am pleasantly surprised with how this episode turned out, especially after running into the wild children at the beginning. My supervisor at DISH called them the box car children lol, but whatever they go by I think they certainly allowed the fantastic four to show some more dynamic emotions; not to mention the reveals. The came very close to telling the entire story this time! I am definitely happy I did not miss this episode. After I realized I didn’t set Revolution to record this week I thought I could just cry, so you can only imagine my joy when my wife told me our Hopper from DISH automatically records all of NBC’s prime time shows anyway.

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