TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.2 – Honor Thy Father

Arrow headerAfter last week’s pilot, Oliver wastes no time in continuing to work on his “Corrupted People of My City that Need to be Taken Out” list by taking on the man that Laurel is also working towards bringing justice to, just by legal means.  How boring.  Bring on the bow and arrow!

Hit List: Martin Summers

The second man to cross off Oliver’s list (though I guess it would actually be the third based on the opening of this episode) is Martin Summers, a man who is being paid a healthy amount by the Chinese Triad to smuggle drugs into this fine city.  This would definitely make him worthy of the hit list, but what moves him to the top is that he is currently the man Laurel is going after in the courtroom for the murder of Victor Nesenti, a man who knew too much.  According to Summers, he is not a man you want to mess with when his emotions are raging, so obviously characters are going to test this.

A Quiet Night Alone…

…Until the assassins show up.  It’s a shame that everyone felt the need to bother Summers because now he had to go and bring in the big guns to ruin Oliver and Laurel’s nice night together.  Clearly Oliver’s verbal restraining order was a horrible idea considering how many times he has broken it tonight, but in the end he just really needed someone to share some ice cream with (probably not what his sister had in mind when she told him he needs to open up to someone, especially after telling him that she spoke to his grave for 5 years and it was much more of a conversationalist).  You would think that he would have developed lactose intolerance on the island, but the man wants what the man wants.  That’s beside the point; what does matter is that during their advice session in which Laurel tells Oliver that he needs to show his mom the man he wants to be, they’re attacked by an assassin named China White.

That’s right, China White; because she’s Chinese and deals with drugs.  Or because of her hair, the verdict is still out on that one.  As fun as it is watching Oliver run around the apartment with Laurel in tow (adorably so because he always put himself in front of her, granted that wouldn’t do much if the people behind them decided to open fire.  Details, details…), the real fun happens when Diggle shows up.  On top of his perfect timing, this man clearly survived his tours during the war and his battlefield of a home because he’s got mad skills, which works in Oliver’s favor because he doesn’t have to break out the full extent of his self-defense training in front of Laurel, other than his knife-throwing prowess.  Don’t read into it, Diggle!  He could have learned that by bedding a knife thrower from a traveling circus!

The Bodyguard

Diggle sure has to put up with a lot from Oliver considering how often Oliver uses cars to get away from him, or how Oliver knocked him out last week (which he doesn’t let on to remembering), but we all know his threat to quit is just that.  And a weak one considering that would be something Oliver wants.  With that said, for now they seem to have an understanding because Diggle knows where Oliver is coming from, at least to an extent.  In the car it seemed that he was likening returning home from war to Oliver’s experience with coming home from the island, saying that there are a lot of expectations thrust upon that person by those they come back to.  Can we say this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship?  Because I am going to; a girl can dream (which I did a lot during Casablanca, FYI.  Always makes me sleepy…).

Not only that, but we all know that Oliver’s friend Merlyn isn’t quite the support system Oliver needs, especially when it comes to figuring out his secret.  That’s definitely something preferred to go to Diggle, and luckily he is also not to be played for a fool on that front.

Diggle:  “I think I’m just beginning to understand the kind of man you are.”
Ollie:  “Shouldn’t take you very long. I’m shallow.”

Oh Ollie…  He can’t push him away forever, and chances are someday Diggle will figure out his secret with or without his help.


We can forgive Detective Lance for yelling at Oliver after he and Laurel were attacked since the last time something life threatening happened with Oliver and one of his daughters she wound up dead, but he’s lucky that Oliver is a better person than me because I would have definitely retaliated later by at least nicking his hand with that thrown bolt.  But instead of pain, all he got was a recording of Summers confessing to the murder of Nesenti, which he obtained before having a slightly anticlimactic fight scene with China White (granted there wasn’t really a build with her character up to this moment so I don’t really know what I was expecting).  Yay!  The day is saved and another person gets crossed off the list.  I just wonder if he realizes that eventually he might have to add his mom to it (she knew that the yacht was sabotaged!  Oh, and the yacht was sabotaged!).

Oliver Queen Resurrected

Since Oliver was presumed dead for the last five years, he now has to go through the legal proceedings of becoming a real boy again, just in time for him to figure out who he wants to be.  The call for sparkling water and lie to his mother that he was spending his solo outings in the company of ladies was a hint of this, but by episode’s end he has really dedicated himself to presenting the drunken playboy.  And then some woman came up to him and said “Your parents would be ashamed, Bruce,” which was really awkward sine that isn’t his name.  But seriously, I hate these moments.  I shrank back into my seat when it first happened in Batman Begins because you know that Bruce was doing it for the right reasons, as was Oliver here, but it is still such a hard thing to watch when you realize what this person is knowingly doing, how they will be perceived because of it, and pained by it.  Can’t he just pee on a cop again or something?  That sounds much more along the lines of something I can handle.

Final Thoughts

With another person checked off the list and his presentation of an incompetent and irresponsible playboy without an MBA well intact, it should be interesting where Oliver goes from here.  He might fool his mom and strangers, but I doubt Laurel and Diggle will fall for it considering the time they have together.  They won’t take his BS!

So what did you all think of this week’s episode of Arrow?  Did you wish that Lance would button his shirt just a little higher to keep that chest hair from staring at you?  Were you wondering if Merlyn had already talked to Laurel before the ceremony since he had no concern about whether or not she was ok after being attacked in her own apartment?  Granted he could just be a really inconsiderate sex buddy.  But most importantly, I know I sure can’t wait to find out more about this hooded figure that shot Oliver through the back with an arrow during his father’s burial.  Side question, was anyone else slightly worried Oliver was going to keep that body with him for a while, possibly conversing with it since it’s unlikely that he will have a Wilson of his own?  As for the hooded figure, he could be an hallucination, sure, but all signs point to this being a real person.  He has to learn archery from someone, after all.  And Russian.  And Chinese.  There must really be a great linguist on the island… Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below!


2 thoughts on “TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.2 – Honor Thy Father

  1. Wow, it doesn’t happen often that I totally agree with a review like I do with yours, so AWESOME!
    I really like how they slowly reveal the Island Story, giving us tiny bits now and then. It makes sure they can throw in a lot of details that explain the story going on in the present. I think it is quite clever.

    I loved Ty Olsen as the bad guy but that’s probably because I really like the actor, so he could play a nice old lady for all I care. I take it, from this episode, that the Triad is the great evil foe for the season? (I’ve been keeping myself away from spoilers)

    And I had the exact same idea! How long is he going to drag Dead Daddy along with him? It’s nice that he didn’t at all.

    Maybe the Hooded Island Arrow Guy is part of a Hooded Island Arrow Gang Of Special People With Special Skills? That would be fun. Maybe…

    What BUGGED the hell out of me was that shiny new and totally dry notebook in Dead Daddy’s pants pocket. (That thing has never been wet, I’ve ruined enough paper with liquids to be sure about that.)

    Oliver clearly has a big plan and I think he maybe knows that Mommy’s up to foul things. And he seems to trust Diggle, so there’s an interesting dynamic now. And Laurel totally warmed up, all it took was a little heart spilling and a buttload of ice cream. And I love Katie Cassidy.

    All in all, I’m very interested in how all of this will play out. Again, nice review.


  2. Thanks Anny!

    I definitely don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of China White, so I am assuming the Triad will probably be around with her as well. Whether they are the big bad of the season is still up in the air till we see more, but I won’t count them out yet. Granted that symbol in the notebook doesn’t really scream Chinese underbelly organization.

    Speaking of that notebook, I completely agree with you on that being pretty bothersome. That notebook was part of a horrific boat sinking and you’re going to tell me that not even one corner is a little water damaged and wrinkly!? 5 years will definitely give it the time it needs to get to the state it is in now, but it really was just so clean… OOOOO and, why would his dad have it on him in the first place if he hadn’t written in it yet?

    And last but not least, I really hope that The Hooded Island Arrow Gang Of Special People With Special Skills is the name they go with if there is in fact a group of people on the island.

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