TV Recap: Revolution 105 “Soul Train”

So here we are again, on the long road that Charlie and Co. have put us on for the past month as she tries to find her brother – and figure out why all of the power went out. Will she get her brother finally? Will Grace finally show up again? Will something really interesting finally come up this episode? Let’s watch and find out…


Sorry…back to the show…

Punching Tickets

A fight club to start the show off? Who really wants to fight Gus Fring? Apparently no one, cause Neville is one big badass to all of them. It seems like Neville is almost training Danny in the opening scene…like trying to teach him to toughen up? Maybe Danny will turn to the Monroe Army later? Let’s hope – give his character something to do.

It seems like this week, we’re getting flashbacks of Neville…I don’t like where flashbacks lead (you’ll understand that if you saw last weeks episode). Hopefully they use them sparingly, maybe flesh him out a tad bit more.

The Gang of Four (and Not Nate) are all sitting around a grave site, where Maggie was buried. Miles, because he has no heart, is ready to move on while everyone else is greaving. Seriously, he needs to smile once in a while.

More forest walking for the gang. And all of a sudden, a train whistle howls! And Charlie has no idea what that is. I’m sorry, but I feel like a train whistle is just one of those sounds you just know when you hear it. And who happens to be with the train? Neville, with Danny.

Back at the Monroe camp, the man himself is trying to cheer up Rachel with the promise of her son. For some reason, Rachel is now willing to tell him everything he wants to hear. And Monroe knows this, as Danny will be right by him when she explains. AND THE PLOT THICKENS! Good start already.

Cheaters Never Prosper

Charlie looks to be doing some surveillance for the group. Not Nate is in a cage, like it’s their own hostage.

Neville, being calm and collected, tries to be friendly to Danny, who’s also sitting in a cage. Danny is not pleased, and pulls out the “Does it make you feel tough for beating me up?” card. Neville is not happy with all of this back-sass from Mr. Captive over there. We get some more Neville backstory later. Apparently, he can seriously box. I mean…he is Gus Fring after all. I wouldn’t put it against him.

Now it’s Nora’s turn to look around the city. Or so we thought. She runs across a book printer named Hutch. Apparently, “A Biography of Joe Biden” is some sort of code word for the rebels to meet with each other – which is pretty funny that THAT would be something fifteen years later. Norah’s not messing around anymore – that train is going down.

Charlie also so happens to be in town too, and is caught by Neville. Of course, they don’t know each other. Took me a while, but I remember that they never crossed paths in the first episode. Charlie tells Neville that she’s spying on “her boyfriend,” and Neville almost buys it. Seriously, Charlie can’t hold a straight face to save her life.

Charlie, like an idiot, decides to follow Neville after he leaves her alone. Neville is no idiot, and pins Charlie to the wall. Miles comes to the rescue, and the standoff between the two of them begins…

Being Sloppy

Neville and Miles are still knife to knife with each other, catching up on families and stories. The question of “Why’d You Leave” came up when questioning Miles, and he is in no mood to answer it right now. Miles clocks Neville, and runs away from the situation.

Aaron, the clumsy oaf he is, drops the Power Pendant, in which Not Nate picks it up. Aaron lies to him that it’s his wife’s pendant. Since he was still fondling Maggie’s iPhone, I bet Not Nate actually believed him. He gladly handed it back.

Stupid Aaron.

Miles and Charlie, like they do, start yelling at each other. Charlie brings up some memories from when she was younger, listening to a tape deck (really, writers?) in his car. Miles says that old uncle is dead, and Charlie, again, is not happy.

We get some more Neville backstory, with him clobbering his neighbor to death. All in front of his kid. That whole “not using your fists on anyone” thing he said earlier? Yeah that’s gone.

The gang returns to their base (?), ready to shake any knowledge Not Nate has on the situation. He can’t help them, so Charlie doesn’t want to help him. So when Miles starts walking towards him with his sword, he breaks free. Seriously, he goes all parkour on everyone’s asses.


The train is now being rushed away, and it looks like the rebels plan to get Danny is failing. Nora, who made a bomb inside of a log for the train to use as fuel, can’t go through with her plan anymore. But all of a sudden, Hutch the Bookmaker stabs her. Just outright. One in the chest. The gang all rushes to the train yard, not really caring about the now stabbed Nora. Way to fail everyone.

The Great Train Rescue?

We come back from commercials, and there just so happens to be horses right next to the train station. Who could’ve called that? Charlie and Miles catch up, and thus begins the train hopping. Danny, the smart one he is, almost gives away that Charlie was on board. On the other side of the train, Miles fights off a guard, who threw in the bomb log (or the blog…anyone?), and throws it off of the train – just in time of course. Charlie breaks into Danny’s car, and tries to stab Neville. Not Nate ends up grabbing her…then throws her off the train. Neville is not pleased with this.

Bittersweet Reunions

The Gang of Four (with Norah surviving from the stab) is back in the forest. Charlie is not at all pleased with Miles, and now doesn’t want any sentimental bull from him. Because…you know…Miles only has some sentimental bull at the end of the episodes. Charlie starts pushing her weight (?) around the others, and gets ready to move on. She thinks she’s in charge now? This should be…something.

The train arrives, and we see a rather nice moment between Neville and his wife…and his son. Apparently, Not Nate has a name now, and that’s Jason – Neville’s own. That is then cancelled off by Rachel seeing her son bruised and hurt. She breaks to Monroe, and sketches out a drawing of the Power Pendant. Things are getting interesting.

Final Thoughts: This is the best episode of the season so far. There was action, story development, and a sense of anticipation throughout. I kind of figured out that Jason was Neville’s son through all of the flashbacks, so the ending wasn’t that big of a surprise to me. But now that Monroe knows about the pendant, it might be time to get Grace’s story back in the picture – as she is still out of the story. But this does peak my interest again in the show – even if Charlie think she is the new boss of this outfit.

So what do you guys think of the episode? Love it? Hate it? Are you back into the show after this episode? Leave your thoughts down below and continue the conversation with us.

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