TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward.2.10 – “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me”

Awkward fullFollowing Jenna’s brave act of releasing her journal to the public, she has managed to become her high school’s very own reality TV show.  Everyone wants to know who she is going to choose, Jake or Matty, but that doesn’t mean that she is ready to decide.

Picking Teams

I don’t know about you, but I wish I could just sit down, watch a French film and have my problems solved.  Maybe a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film could do this, but that’s still a tall order.  And yes he is the only French filmmaker I can think of off the top of my head!  Shush!

With the power of cinema coming to their aid, Jake and Matty are friends once again, this time agreeing to not let their feelings for Jenna come between them.  Something tells me this wont be so easy once she finally makes her choice, but that’s assuming she is going to decide at sometime soon.  Will she go the True Blood route and choose neither man like Sookie did?  Or will this be more of a Felicity type deal?  Oh the drama.  I don’t know about you, but based on tonight’s episode I don’t think she feels too rushed to make the decision.  She did just get her mom back after all, so that and her newfound status at school could fuel enough storytelling for a while to avoid making this decision.  AAAHHH THE TENSION! (For most, CAPS lock means screaming, but here it’s mostly just exaggerated sarcasm).

Moving On

Even though the main issue of the season was the love triangle, the drama with Jenna’s parents is never far outside the spotlight.  I understand that family drama like this is nothing far from the norm, but it has been ten episodes and I still don’t really feel like it fits in the show at all.  So for better or worse, the issues are finally being resolved, starting with a post-shower scene.  That’s one way to resolve the problem, I guess, but it seemed way too simplistic of an out, and definitely rather abrupt in the sense of: “Um… We don’t really know where to go with this, so we’re just going to wrap it up now.”  I’d like to pretend this was like the first season of Fringe in which they chose to sweep a storyline under the rug after acknowledging it didn’t really work, but honestly I doubt this recognition was the consensus among the writers.  Maybe this was actually the plan all along.

I wish this was the only place that I felt this way, but this opinion also carries over to the side of the story dealing with Jenna’s mom writing the letter.  In a rather surprising manner Jenna’s mom finally tells Jenna why she wrote the letter, and it was another rather simplistic explanation in the sense of the overall arc of the show.  The letter has been a part of the show from the first couple of minutes of season one, growing intrigue levels with each episode.  But what it all comes down to is Jenna’s mom was having a bad day thanks to her own mother, so she passed it on.  The end.  Not the most satisfactory ending to that storyline, that’s for sure, but it is a relief to move past it.

The Many Sides of Valerie

Usually Valerie is good for a quote or two each episode thanks to her awkwardly adorable nature injected into a scene for comedy gold, yet tonight she actually starts things off on a serious note with Jenna’s mom.  Yes, she does make a fat joke, but it was included in a genuine speech about what a mother should be for a child.  Long story short, all the high schoolers can call Jenna’s mom all the names they want, but this will be the conversation that really turns her around in the end.

But enough of that serious nonsense; the real reason I want to talk about Valerie is to bring up some of the smaller character details of the episode.  The more obvious one is that she named her memoir My Val-ues, which is pretty genius for a title to what I can only assume is an extremely entertaining read, whether intentional or not.  But my favorite moment of the episode actually has to be when she showed up to the teacher-less French class wearing a beret.  I like to think that she has a closet full of pieces like this specific to each subject in the school just in case a moment like this would arise.  Whether or not anyone else really notices it is irrelevant, it is simple something she probably does that makes her happy.  Goodness I really hope she has a calculator watch for Math classes…

Favorite Quotes

Tamara: …putting yourself up for public consumption is like bat shizat on crack.  You’re the scariest kind of loose cannon, Jenna.  You’re a suicide bomber.

Lissa: Look.  I know Jenna’s blog didn’t paint you in the best light, but you gotta give her credit, she can spell.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion to certain elements of the show might have ended with a fizzle, but it is a relief to be able to move on from these elements and get back to devoting even more time to the fun had between the characters involved, on top of the expected high school drama and hilarity as the season winds down.

So what did you guys think of the episode?  Did you have to Google the title because you couldn’t remember that Grey’s Anatomy is the reason you hear a woman begging these words?  Were you surprised, yet amused, that Becca is afraid of Jenna?  Did you think that the Sadie/herpes subplot felt like filler to get the runtime up to the correct length?  Are you curious why Lissa hasn’t bought new clothes since she outgrew her childhood wardrobe?  Was it weird for you seeing names along with the comments on Jenna’s blog (we better still find out who Anonymous is)?  Let me know your thoughts below!

Awkward S2Ep10

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