TV Without Commercials: Newsroom Season 1 Finale

The beginning of a new school year always lets us know that summer is officially over.  For those of us who aren’t in school, we know that it’s over when we watch the season finales of our favorite summer TV shows.  The Season Finale of Newsroom was magnificent and was a perfect way to end the first season of this remarkable show.

Newsroom has officially come to a close and I know I only speak for myself but this has to be one of, if not the best new show HBO has come out with in a while.  I know that is saying a lot about the show, but it’s true.  Aaron Sorkin has created an incredibly original show that puts a light on 24 hour news networks that has never been seen before.  Jeff Daniels’ portrayal of Will McAvoy is incredible.  You love him and hate him at the same time, and he always manages to find a way to make you laugh out loud with his sarcasm.  The chemistry between Will and Mackenzie was what kept the show entertaining every week, and the relationship between Jim and Maggie is what kept us coming back.  Finally we see them kiss, but in the end she stayed with Don and we will just have to wait for them to get together next season.  I can’t believe Sloan is actually interested in Don, but hey, good for him I guess.  Poor Sloan, at least she’s staying on the show.  I like her character a lot, and Olivia Munn did a surprisingly good job all season but still, what the hell does she see in Don?

Will’s final broadcast of the season was pretty remarkable.  He refuses to hold back and I love the way this episode was able to deal with an issue from over a year ago that is still relevant now.  The voter fraud issue is a joke and the photo ID law is being enforced in the upcoming presidential election.  I can’t help but feel bad about Solomon Hancock, but Charlie was able to save Will and I guess in the end that was more important?  I can’t help but feeling bad as I type that.  Anyway, now that they have the proof about Reese ordering the hacking of Mackenzie’s cell phone, they are free to do the show exactly the way they want to.  So on the very next broadcast Will spends the entire segment breaking down the tea party the way he did before Leona began her TMI campaign against him.  By the end of the broadcast, Will calls the Tea Party the American Taliban and it even appears as though Leona agrees with his statement.

So we finally get the closure between Will and Mackenzie that we’ve been waiting for since the very first episode of Newsroom, and it didn’t really turn out the way we expected.  They teased us into thinking that some big romantic gesture was coming but instead Will just yelled at her in a hilarious way.  Then, the Northwestern girl is going to be an intern!  That’s freaking awesome, and the whole moment between her and Will was pretty emotional, but in the awesome kind of way.  The sorority girl is Camelot, and she’s the reason America is the greatest country in the world.  What a powerful ending to a groundbreaking show, I can’t wait to see what Aaron Sorkin comes up with for next season.  Not only what will happen between the characters but also the news stories that will be addressed that are happening right now!  There’s got to be an entire episode dedicated to the election alone, but I’m just speculating.  Either way, whatever Sorkin chooses next season is practically guaranteed to be just as good and hopefully better than the first.


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