TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.8 – “Time After Time”

Awkward fullWith last weeks “cliffhanger” ending of Jake finding out about Jenna’s past with Matty, there is a lot of drama in store for this most recent episode.  So how did Jake handle it?  Not well.  Not well at all…

Walk All Over Me

I’m sorry to say it, but even though Jake is the one on the short end of the stick tonight he still managed to come off as the one drawing the least amount of sympathy from me between Jenna, Matty, and him.  All because he wasn’t willing to stand up for himself when it came to talking to these other two.  When Jenna came up to him, why didn’t he straight up ask her for the truth?  Or tell her why he was upset?  It was clear that “their timing being off” and “not wanting to lead her on” were lies, so just come out and say it.  Heck, call her a “whoring b—-” and then storm off.  Just do something!  And for goodness sakes when you dump someone don’t stick around at the event they invited you to!  Thank goodness Tamara said what I was thinking.

And same question when he talked to Matty on the phone.  Instead of hinting around trying to get a confession from Matty, again just confront the other person.  Yes they probably should have told Jake that they were in a relationship of sorts and Jenna may still have feelings for Matty, but he’s just playing games by doing this, then throwing the white flag out and pushing her towards the other guy by acting the way he did.  It was really weak, and that is not an attractive quality on anyone.

“We Were On A Break!”

Since this episode ended with Matty and Jenna making out we’re sure leading up to a “We were on a break!” situation similar to the classic breakup between Rachel and Ross on Friends that spawned this phrase.  It won’t be as epic, that’s for sure, but it will bring about the same questions about whether or not Jenna making out with Matty so soon after Jake broke up with her was something he can hold against her.  Technically it’s not the same since Ross slept with a stranger so there was no relationship history, but still, Jake kinda brought this on himself.

I realize that is a harsh way to look at it, but like I said above he just ran away from the problem, so I lost all reason to fight for him if he wasn’t going to do so himself.  And what is it with the YouTube generation!?  “Look, that person’s on fire!  Let’s record it instead of helping him!” (I’m looking at you Tyler the Creator on Punk’d).  This is obviously far more drastic of an example, but the preview for next week shows that Jake photographed them making out, and the only reason to do this really is to make it public, which will make Jake even lesser of a respectable person in my mind if this is in fact what he does next week.

Each week I seem to jump back and forth from Team Jake to Team Matty, and vice versa, but when Matty showed up at Jenna’s back door I was actually clear for the first time on who I wanted her to be with.  For now…  And this is even considering Matty just left another make out session to be here, so I am aware of the errors of this choice.  Yet when he showed up he was just there to be a friend.  It didn’t really seem like he had an ulterior motive of swooping in since he talked up Jake saying he’d come to his senses, and was simply there to comfort Jenna (though he honestly couldn’t have not had the thought cross his mind that this could be his chance right away).  Yet in the end she was the one who initiated by saying she still loved him, so Matty wins.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Hamilton ladies sure have a lot of men lining up for them right now, but Jenna’s mom’s situation has the element of secrecy going on (from the audience, that is).  What exactly did Allie mean when she told Jenna that the reason she hates her dad so much is because he screwed her mom over long ago?  She then tells Jenna’s dad he should leave because it’s what he does best.  She could just be referring to the events from this season, but it could actually be something more habitual.

Even though I think he was wrong for leaving, I am still definitely team Jenna’s Dad in this relationship drama pending any horrible revelations about mistreating her mom in the past if that is the case, and I am glad that she recognized the importance of her marriage and knew that her love for her husband was far more important than any lingering feelings for an old boyfriend.  Plus their height difference was creeping me out.  I seriously spent their whole pool side conversation laughing at the camera angles because on the one hand they completely dwarfed Nikki Deloach, all the while making Kristoffer Polaha look like a giant.  Almost in a pedophilia type way thanks to the addition of her hair…

Favorite Quote

Jenna’s Mom: “She’s really in love.”
Valerie: “Yeah.  You can tell by how hard she’s humping his leg.”

Jenna: “You’re drunk.”
Allie: “And you’re a dork.  But at least tomorrow I’ll be sober.  For a while.”

Final Thoughts

So what did you guys think of how Jake handled the news of Matty and Jenna having a past?  Am I being too harsh on him?  Were you slightly weirded out by Valerie teaming up with Sadie to make Allie pee herself?  Is the blog commenter ever coming back?  Do you understand how Jenna could possibly think that making out with Matty would make her life less complicated?  Let me know all your thoughts on this episode and the season as a whole down below.

Awkward S2Ep8

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