TV Without Commercials: Newsroom 1.8

I think that I should start out by saying that overall I really liked this episode.  I thought it was one of the better episodes of this season but breaking the episode into two parts is just unnecessary.  The idea of a mini series is that it is more or less one really long movie that is broken down into a dozen or so episodes spread out over a dozen or so weeks.  So if the show is already structured in this format, what is the point of giving us this two-part episode?  Every episode is already connected, but now we get to see at least the last two and possibly the last three episodes tied together in a trilogy of sorts.  “The Blackout Part 1: Tragedy Porn” is about the Casey Anthony story and how we, the audience, can’t help but watch what happens when a story like this develops.  For the first time since Mackenzie has taken over the 8 o’clock news, Will has to stray from telling the news to try to bring his ratings back from the clown known as Nancy Grace.

I am so happy Will had the emergency session with his therapist and got him to explain why exactly Will hired Mack’s ex boyfriend (who also happens to be the same guy who she cheated on Will with) to be the one to write Will’s story for New York Magazine.  Will is holding his hand over the flame because he thinks the trick is not minding, when really the trick is forgiving Mackenzie.  For whatever reason, Will cannot do it.  He cannot forgive Mackenzie, but what he can do is torture the crap out of her.  For everything that this Brian guy did to sabotage the relationship Will and Mackenzie once had, none of this was his idea.  Will was the one who brought him into this environment and asked him to be in the middle of everything.

Charlie’s meeting with Solomon Hancock could not have been more perfect.  First, he begins talking to the random stranger and the way he plays it off to this highly confused man could not have been more hilarious.  I can’t wait to see what Jim is able to uncover using this new information they have been given.  It seems incredibly complicated but the Dark Knight analogy Solomon gives Charlie paints a pretty clear picture of what illegal activities haven been conducted in the name of our liberty.  The biggest thing to come from all of this, besides the story, is that now Will and Charlie have a major weapon they can use against Leona Lansing and her son Reese.

As if the Casey Anthony story wasn’t bad enough, I had completely forgotten all about Mr. Anthony Weiner and his hacked Twitter account.  I wonder if what Don said about that one talent agent is true, and that there really is just this one guy who goes around and signs all these pieces of filth who appear on the news just to be on camera.  That Sandy lady is one of these horrible people who is determined to destroy Anthony Weiner despite the damage he had already done to himself.  No one wants to let this lady appear on the show.  Mackenzie even asks for divine intervention in order for her to not have to go through with it, and what do you know, the power in the entire building goes out and part one of Blackout has concluded.  Next week we will have part two and with only two episodes left in the season, things are going to get interesting to say the least.


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