TV Without Commercials: Newsroom 1.5

Who would’ve thought, looking back to almost a year and a half ago that there would not only be the chaos taking place in Egypt but also the protesting going on in Wisconsin, oh and I almost forgot, all of this was going on right around Valentine’s Day!  Aaron Sorkin demonstrates for us once again why he is arguably the best script writer of our generation.  This weeks episode was titled “Amen” and no, it’s not about religion guy who always assumes things.  Amen is referring to the journalist the team is able to find who can get inside to where the real story of what’s going on in Cairo.  As if the events taking place in Egypt weren’t enough, TMI is back and this time they aren’t targeting Will this time, they’re targeting Mackenzie.  The attack on Mackenzie upsets Will more than any story about himself ever could, and he is determined to fix the problem by any means necessary, even submitting to bribery.  Just as Will is writing the check Nina Howard refers to herself (and Will) as journalists and that is something he just can’t handle.  He rips up the check and leaves the bar and never actually stoops down to her level.  I for one got the impression that maybe Nina wouldn’t go through with running the piece on Mack, but being the scum that she is, she’ll probably still go through with it.

First off, I have to say that Rush Limbaugh is a terrible human being and I really wish Neil would’ve broken his hand on Rush’s actual face instead of just a computer monitor.  Okay, now that I got that out of the way, how awesome is Will?  He spent a quarter of a million dollars just to get the Egyptian army to release Amen and was going to do so without even telling anyone.  He was going to try and play it off that he got ACN to provide the money but Mackenzie knew better.  Then the Rudy moment happened with everyone laying their checks down on Will’s desk all thanks to Mackenzie.  I think everyone probably thought, like me, that after Mackenzie said “happy Valentines Day” to Will that they would then kiss and who knows maybe even get back  together.  Instead they simply hugged and I feel that in a lot of ways, that was far more intimate.  I really can’t wait to see what happens next week and where their relationship goes from there.

Speaking of relationships, why are Don and Maggie still together?  I mean we haven’t seen them fighting lately but we haven’t really seen them at all.  Maggie seemed pretty upset about what Don did last week but I guess that was just whatever.  We’ve moved on and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to come back up.  At least Jim has someone now, even if he isn’t interested…like at all.

I think anyone could have seen Mackenzie’s boyfriend being a shady character.  He was never presented in a likable way to us, and he always seemed to come of as a douche.  What he did was low, and gave people like Nina Howard a perfect opportunity to attack the integrity of someone who has been nothing but credible throughout their entire career.

So Will has once again targeted the Koch brothers, and rightfully so.  They do a lot f shady things and then use their ginormous fortune and massive amount of corporations as a means of keeping their names out of it.  Luckily the 8 o’clock news team knows how to snoop and always seems to find the Koch brothers name attached.  I’m glad to see that Will isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to attacking the Koch brothers, despite his Leona’s threats, but I really don’t want him to be fired.  In all honesty I find it hard to believe that Will actually would lose his job but the threat seems to be constantly lingering.  The TMI stories are whatever, and they have very little affect on Will but she could still fire him at any point if she feels he’s crossed the line.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week and what actual news stories will be covered!

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