TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.5 – “My Love Is A Black Heart”

Awkward fullWith Christmas, New Year’s, and now Valentine’s Day down, Awkward seems to be making a run at using the most holidays in a half season.  But if that’s what it takes to dish out fun episodes, then feel free to use those coming up, from St. Patrick’s Day to Mother’s day (I think last week’s Jesus camp can count for Easter).  Heck, use my dad’s birthday if you get desperate.

All The Single Ladies

Even with my love of the character Kyle the Stalker, Tamara had some major ground to make up for thanks to her weak storyline as a solo act last week, begging the question if she could hold her own without Jenna to bounce off of.  Luckily, based on tonight’s episode she should have no problems without her BFF.  The motive of dedicating all her energy to making Ricky jealous, fall in love with her, or get over him is her staple motivation in the show, but it allowed for some great holiday bitterness that formed into quality dialog on the writer’s part tonight.  Though I do have to ask, would seeing Ricky making out with Sadie really make her pee her pants?

I know!  I would say I can’t believe it, but I’m learning not to be surprised by anything Sadie does.  If there is the chance of one of our characters being wounded in someway, Sadie is somehow behind it, and Tamara is no stranger to her evil ways this season.  First Sadie somehow managed to make Ricky even more popular with the ladies when Tamara was trying to turn everyone against her, and now she’s going for the more personal approach by moving in herself.  The question is just how attached Sadie is.  Maybe she’s just doing it because she wanted some action since Jake didn’t pan out, but at least don’t lie to your best friend about going out for the night!  Who knows, maybe she really does feel something and wanted to hide it from Lissa, but knowing Sadie I’m just going to assume it was a blow off, even if the Asian mob says Ricky is in love.

Now onto Jenna’s mom, i.e. the saddest among the single ladies.  With her husband still giving her the cold shoulder, Jenna managed to add to the jabs after he left by rather rudely rubbing how great her night was going to be in her mom’s face, who would be spending it alone for the first time in a long time.  At the end of the night Jenna was back to being what she thought was a nice daughter by not bragging about her presents from Jake, but that would have honestly been the much nicer option than giving the lovebug to her as a gift from her dad.  That’s a whole lot of false hope that is going to lead to way more pain than seeing some flowers gifted to someone else.

Favorite Quotes of the Night

Tamara: “Valentine’s is totally racist against single people”

Tamara:  “I’ll be planted in front of my DVR doing cyanide shots with you.”

Tamara  “He is absolutely f—— with me, but the joke is on him because I don’t care.  Now help me find someone to dry hump.”

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Am Green With Envy For You

Jenna may be far from the ranks of the lowly lonely, but she sure isn’t treating her current relationship like a top priority.  Instead on this sacred holiday of rubbing your couple status in everyone’s faces, she’s too busy allowing Matty to rub his current date in hers.  Starting with the moment Matty asks her what the perfect date would be.  At first she thought Jake sent him over to do a little recon, but with the way she was pulling out the crazy senioritis card when eyeballing the freshman that Jake is seen with I can’t help but wonder if this was somewhat for Matty.  Not to say that she wants him to use it on this new girl, but maybe there is still an inkling of hope in her mind that he may need this information for her sometime down the road.

With or without her feelings on the matter, it is definitely hard to read Matty’s mind.  A couple of episodes back he did hint at the possibility of trying to manipulate Jenna back into his arms, and that possibility definitely still stands tonight.  Lord knows showing up at her perfect date spot, holding the Freshman’s hand in public, showing Jenna that he still knows the little things about her (like her food allergy) and showing that he cares (putting ice on her head when she smacks a few brain cells dead on the table) was a pretty perfect way of not allowing Jenna to forget about him.

If this is the case though, Matty is really being a horrible person when it is coming to the other girl.  I’m not saying I approve of this relationship after the dig about the size of Jenna’s butt, but if saying things like, “I just didn’t want to screw things up with her like I did with you,” is to prove to Jenna that he knows he made mistakes instead of truly meaning that he didn’t want to treat this new girl how he treated Jenna than maybe he doesn’t deserve the cheering section wearing Team Matty shirts that he undoubtedly has.


On top of possibly ruining the night by keeping her thoughts on Matty all night, she definitely put the final nail in the coffin at the end of the date.  All night Jake was doing everything in his power to make it the perfect date with the lovebug, restaurant, calla lilies, etc., and fail or not he definitely earned an A for effort, even if it was wasted on Jenna.  Yet even with the assumption that the night was ruined he still took a major chance by telling Jenna that he loved her.  Jenna didn’t say “thank you,” but based on the extremely crushed expression on Jake’s face as he walked away from the porch she might as well have said it because “Awesome” was no better of a response.  Fail.

Final Thoughts

With the show back on track, it seems like next week is going to be even more awkward as Jenna tells Jake they should sleep together.  I just hope real high schoolers don’t think this is the test to determining if you love someone or not.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode?  What did that love hater throw at Jenna’s shirt?  Looked like a tiny egg, but who knows.  What heart would you want Valerie to give you?  How do you choose to read Matty’s motivation in all of this?  Is he really moving on or is it all to get at Jenna?  Were you happy for Ming that she is getting some action?  Why was there no journal writing tonight?  Something tells me there will be plenty next episode.

Awkward S2Ep5

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