TV Without Commercials: Newsroom 1.4

In this week’s episode of Newsroom entitled “I’ll Try to Fix You” was full of consistency.  Neil was always trying to pitch his ideas on Big Foot, the relationship between Maggie and Jim (and Will and Mackenzie…kind of) was getting tenser and tenser and Will was consistently getting drinks thrown in his face by beautiful women.  Why is it that Will keeps finding himself covered in overpriced alcohol thanks to his dates?  Well, as he explains, he is “on a mission to civilize” and in doing so he continues to find that it always comes back to hit him right in the face.  As though these incidents weren’t embarrassing enough for Will, every time this happens it seems to end up finding it’s way to the tabloids.  Charlie realizes that these series of events, beginning with Nina Howard the gossip columnist, are more than just a series of coincidences but are actually a plan being set in motion by the woman in charge of the network whom Charlie met with the day after the Elections.  She wants Will to tone it down a little bit and it appears this is her way of making sure that happens.  With Will’s contract now having the 3 year non compete clause in it, he feels the pressure of her authority more than he ever has before, and all because he wanted to fire Mackenzie at the end of each week.  As if the tension between those two wasn’t strong enough already.

It’s easy to see why everyone is coming out and calling Will a liberal, because he seems to be constantly defending President Obama.  While it is easy to see Will’s actions in this light, it clouds what he is actually doing, especially through the eyes of a conservative.  Despite all of this, what will is actually doing is calling out several conservative news casters and exposing their insane lies.  First is Sarah Palin, the vice president of NRA, Jim Beck and of course Rush Limbaugh telling their supporters that Obama is going to take their guns.  There is, of course, zero evidence to support this and if you actually do look at the evidence it says the complete opposite about our President.  He has signed more appeals for gun laws in his first two years than George W. Bush did his 8 year reign.  The other lie Will exposes, by surprisingly the exact same people, is about Obama spending $200 million a day during his trips overseas.  This again is based on absolutely nothing and Will is simply doing his best to inform the public that they are being blatantly lied to.

I would’ve liked to see more of Mackenzie’s new boyfriend besides his chat with Will in the beginning.  He annoyed me at first but after his talk with Will you can see why he and Mackenzie are together (even though they shouldn’t be).  Despite the lack of scenes between the love triangle, one thing was crystal clear, Will and Mackenzie are both still in love with each other, even though neither of them want to be.  This love triangle, however, would have to take a back seat to the original triangle established in the very first episode of the series between Don, Jim and Maggie.Jim dating Maggie’s roommate is an obvious effect on Maggie emotionally.  Jim can sense this as well and lies to Maggie in order to not upset her and Don of all people exposes this lie right in front of Maggie.  To me this, more than anything else, shows that Don could care less about his relationship with Maggie.  He thought it was hilarious to upset her like that and when she confronts Jim, Jim even tells Maggie to ask Don about what’s going on because he seems to have a better idea of the big picture than anyone else involved.

I know that my political opinion means very little to anyone, but I completely agree with everything that Will has said in these last few episodes especially this most recent one.  Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and anyone else who receives a paycheck from Fox News are monsters and are doing an unimaginable amount of harm to the american public.  They are liars, plain and simple.  Obama has never done let alone said anything about being opposed to the 2nd amendment yet people such as Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh constantly tell their audiences the complete opposite.  While everyone thinks that what will is doing is because he has suddenly become a conservative, he really is just telling the facts.  Obama never said those things, and Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are saying otherwise.  Those are the facts, plain and simple and we the people deserve to know the truth, especially about our own government.  Will is simply informing, that it is all.  There is no opinion and no bias, except that he openly admits that he hates liars and come on, who doesn’t hate liars.

Oh yeah and one last thing, how awesome was that final newscast that ended the show?  Especially the part where Will yells that if she wanted him fired he would be right there in that chair waiting for her, and then Charlie screaming that that was exactly what he would tell her.  Reese ends up making himself look stupid and Mackenzie shows us once again why she is hands down the best executive producer in the history of news.  This show just keeps getting better every week, so needless to say I can barely contain my excitement to see what happens next.


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