TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.3 – “Three’s A Crowd”

Awkward fullThis week’s episode of Awkward. goes for the dramatic as it deals with the fallout of Jenna’s mom telling her dad that she wrote the carefrontation letter, which may go a little too far honestly.  It better go back to normal if the show knows what’s good for it [menacing fist shaking]!  But drama aside, in true Awkward. fashion the theme of third wheels and clinginess runs through the episode, leading to some much needed hilarity to counterbalance the seriousness of the major subplot.

The Back Burner Friend

Last week Matty said that he didn’t want to lose Jake as a friend over the relationship he had/has with Jenna, which is definitely the moment that cemented his ability to draw a cohesive “Aw” from viewers who feel bad for him.  Ok, maybe the prom actually did that, but still, what a manipulator!  As he put his hand on Jenna’s knee, smacked her butt, and invited himself to third wheel her time with Jake the thought of what he must be going through as said wheel clouded my judgment.  He wasn’t wrong about Jenna being the third wheel to his friendship with Jake, after all.  So I suppressed my anger towards his disrespect of her boundaries and his friend as he disregarded Jake’s relationship and feelings for Jenna.

It also didn’t help Jenna’s cause because the actions she took to get him to throw up the white flag and leave them alone were a little much.  For starters, Matty wasn’t wrong to call her a clinger considering she was beginning to act like Lissa last season when she was feeling threatened by Jenna at her gathering (you know, the night she offered up her behymen).  What’s worse is that no matter how annoyed she is with Matty’s presence there are better ways to handle the situation than how she chose to, especially considering she knows how Matty feels towards her.  It was pretty insensitive honestly, and she deserved her spot at the bully run/walk.

Yet in the end, with a smile towards Sadie as she calls him out on what he’s doing, he shows his true cards.  Oh Matty…

Hell Freezing Over

With her chip licking and loss of second in command (or lemming rather), Sadie has been manipulating us all to feel like she deserves a chance no matter how evil she can prove to be.  But tonight she really seemed to change!  Honest!  I could practically feel the ice melting from her cold soul as she seemed to help Tamara with her Icky Ricky problem.  Remember the blooming friendship that accidentally occurred in the bathroom as they cried together last year before realizing who the other participant of the sob fest was?  So why can’t that melting ice from her dead soul just freeze Hell over just this once!?  People can change, and progress, no matter how small, is still progress!  Unless it isn’t actually progress after all.  Turns out similar to Matty’s manipulation of Jenna, Sadie is playing the game as well.  I guess she can’t just turn away from something she is so good at, but there is still hope for her to show her gooey center yet someday, even if for just a second.  I know it’s in there Sadie!

The Klingon

With an entire episode full of people dealing with letting go and clinginess, the award for dealing with it the worst (though best for our entertainment) goes to the newly appointed Vice Principal Valerie (last years designated clinger, Ming, was surprisingly absent for this one, though I suppose she got it all out of her system.  Plus she’s busy with her newfound mob duties).  She’s not actually clinging to a person like the other characters though, but her old job as Guidance Counselor.  Judging by her quick hand with the nameplates in her office when she’s haggling over a punishment with Tamara, she isn’t quite ready to switch over from the friend getting in with the kids and “advising” them to being the disciplinarian.

What’s worse (not comically speaking, granted) is that she is doing exactly what she is punishing the kids for with her treatment of Ms. Carrie, her possible replacement.  Whether it is fear that she will lose her ties to the kids or simply trouble sharing the female “role-model” spot on the faculty, she breaks down her possible replacement to the extent that had she not fired Ms. Carrie she probably would have run screaming from her tormentor soon enough all on her own.

Favorite Quotes of the Episode

Valerie: “I want to thank you all for coming to this required assembly.”

Valerie: “Hey!  What is with the hooker shoes around the kids?  This is a track, not a stripper pole!”

Parental Problems

Is there something else going on with the parents that we don’t really know about?  Because I actually feel like Mr. Hamilton is overreacting to this.  Don’t get me wrong, he has the right to be upset with his wife for writing the note to his daughter, but this isn’t about him.  Obviously Mrs. Hamilton using the gifts a plastic surgeon gave her to lure him into the hot tub was pretty desperate, but as a parent he doesn’t have the option to leave Jenna for the reasons she calls him out for.

Yet come episode’s end Mrs. Hamilton tells Jenna that her dad has gone to stay with the grandparents for more than just a little while, making him look like the bad guy for leaving as Jenna and her mom comfort each other at the anti-bully run/walk (props to Mrs. Hamilton for showing up for her daughter as her bully even though she hates sweating in public).  I’m gonna miss him during this rather abrupt absence, but it will give Jenna and her mom some much needed time to reconnect since they’ve been forced together thanks to Mr. Hamilton’s decision.

Final Thoughts

So what did you guys think of the episode this week?  It might not have been as hilariously epic as last week thanks to the lack of Frasians this time around, but it still had its moments.  Like what the heck was that “sexy” dance from the Zeus Troop?  Were you glad that someone else finally brought up the question about why Ricky seems to be so popular with the ladies?  How long is Valerie going to last as the VP before begging for her old job back?  Let me know your thoughts!

Awkward S2Ep3

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