TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.7

game-of-thrones HeaderThis week’s Game of Thrones gave us a return to the dark themes we have been getting accustomed with since season one.  What makes this week unique from all the other events of this season (and part of last season) is that Joffrey was completely absent.  He was only a topic of discussion and was never actually seen.  Instead, the cruelty we endured this week was from Theon Greyjoy.  This week’s episode started and concluded with Theon and in between we saw the person he is trying to become in order to gain the respect of his father and sister.  Along the way he is also trying to earn the respect of his men and I would say that out of all the goals he has set out to accomplish, this is the only one he is doing right.  Robs Army is marching towards Winterfell to reclaim what is rightfully his, and hopefully Theon has his sister coming to back him up otherwise Rob will surely have his head.  Meanwhile Stanis Baratheon and his army move closer and closer to Kings Landing and Tyrion seems to be the only one concerned.

So it looks as though Theon truly is lost now.  He has brutally murdered those two boys and probably their father in his efforts to find Bran, his brother, the Wildling girl, and the half wit giant.  They made it seem like the four of them didn’t stop at the little farmhouse where their friends lived, but they did find shells from the nuts they were eating.  They must have gone there without anyone who lived there having any knowledge.  Those poor misfortunate people.  Bran specifically says to everyone that they can’t stop there because Theon would end up torturing them if they did.  Bran had no idea that Theon has become so horrible and cruel that he would end up torturing them anyway.  I hope that they didn’t stop there and that they are managing to escape Theon and his men.  Theon’s cruelty seems to be effecting him greatly though.  When the burned carcasses of the boys from the farm house are hoisted up for the crowd to see Theon seems very pleased with himself when he hears the gasps and horrors from his audience.  Once he turns around and sees them for himself his smirk vanishes instantly.  He looks horrified and scared, and he has to be both of those, knowing that it was his doing that led these children to their horrible fates.

I don’t think anyone out there didn’t see this coming with Jon Snow.  He’s just too soft and too inexperienced to be one of the Rangers, or at least to be an efficient one.  He should’ve killed the Wildling girl when he was supposed to and none of this would have happened but now he’s trapped.  I was really hoping we would see more of that incident unfolding but of course we are left waiting.  Will he now join up with the Wildlings?  He may have no other choice if he wants to survive, and I certainly hope that this isn’t the end of Jon Snow.  The Wildling girl somewhat hinted at him possibly joining up with them and mentioned that their leader would gladly take him in, she knows he would.

Daenerys’ story just keeps getting weirder and weirder, good grief!  She feels as though she cannot trust anyone, and for good reason.  The King of Karth (I’m not even going to attempt that guys name, I’m so happy he is now King of Karth, so much simpler) and the weirdo from the house of the undying are the ones who took her dragons, and then they murder the rest of 13.  The King wants to claim the Iron Throne for himself and now his plan to do so is in full effect.  What will Daenerys’ do now?  Her and Ser Jorah take off running, are they going to the house of undying to get her dragons back or are they just fleeing Karth all together?  What ever happens next, I just really hope she is reunited with her dragons.

Well, Sansa’s lives just got way worse now that she’s bleeding.  I like that the queen told her not to love Joffrey though, and only love her children, that’s obviously how the queen has lived her life.  “The more people you love, the weaker you are.”  This conversation really explains a lot about the Queen’s personality as well as her behavior towards everything.

The conversation between Cersei and Tyrion was easily one of the best dramatic moments we have seen in this season.  Both Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey do an incredible job with their roles and this scene really demonstrates why.  Cersei openly admits that her children are not Robert Baratheon’s but are her brother Jamies.  Apparently half of the Targaryen’s went completely mad due to inbreeding and Cersei feels terrible because Joffrey is an example of madness.  They both discuss how Joffrey enjoys cruelty, and something must be done to control him, but that is practically impossible now that he is king.  It almost seems like Cersei is perhaps going to do something drastic, maybe even killing her own son, but it appears that there is going to be no other option.

I really want to know what is going to happen between Katherine Stark and Jamie Lannister.  The last scene we see of them is him tied to post and her holding Brianne’s sword in her hand.  I know I for one had completely forgotten just how horrible and evil Jamie Lannister is.  We see him having a very engaging and almost sweet moment between himself and his distant cousin.  They are talking about similar experiences and then next thing you know Jamie is bashing his brains in.  Jamie is a cold blooded killer and since we haven’t seen him doing anything other than being tied up this season, it was hard to remember that fact.  He is a ruthless murderer who cares nothing for honor and he is proud of it.  I really enjoyed the head game he plays with Katherine before she draws the sword.  He reminds her that even though her husband was so honorable, he Jamie Lannister has only been with his sister Cersei.  Therefore is some ways he is more honorable than her late husband Ned Stark.  He calls her out on being mean to Jon Snow every chance she had and that is also something I had forgotten.  It is hard not to really like Katherine Stark, but then you remember how cruel she was to Jon Snow.  She knew him from the time he was a baby yet was still mean to him because he was not her own.  It will be interesting to see what Katherine intends to do with that sword next week.

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