TV Without Commercials Review: Boardwalk Empire 2.8

boardwalkempireAfter watching last nights episode of Boardwalk Empire I was left with the feeling that the show would finally become a one protagonist series as opposed to the two protagonists, who have been fighting for supremacy over one another for as long as this show has been on the air.  Nucky’s reign has come to an end.  The legal pressure he is under as well as the threat on his life from last weeks episode seem to have gotten the better of him.  He has decided that he has had enough. He is stepping down from his position as treasurer and in turn relinquishing his thrown to Jimmy.  Nucky has decided that all he wants out of life is to help Margaret Schroeder raise her two children and the last place he wants to do that, is Atlantic City.  He still has something up his sleeve though, and he plans to use his connections in Ireland to accomplish whatever goal he has in mind.  Something involving the surplus guns he discovered perhaps, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The party at the end of this episode showed us the very beginning of Jimmy’s reign as “Prince” of Atlantic City.  When Jimmy throws Mickey Doyle over the balcony it is hard to tell which substance has him more intoxicated, the alcohol he has been consuming or the power he has just recently come to possess.  Either way it appears that Jimmy is having a hard time handling it.  Jimmy’s business partner from Philadelphia refuses to leave him alone about the five grand worth of alcohol he has yet to receive and the way things ended this week, it is hard to say what will become of that relationship.

I found it very interesting to finally see Angela and Jimmy have a conversation with one another.  This is the first time we have seen the two of them alone with one another since season one.  So far this season their interactions are always brief and Jimmy makes sure to keep her out of his business, but this time she hears more than she wanted of a conversation between Jimmy and Al Capone.  Their interaction is a strange one and even though it was a lot shorter than I expected, it gave a great deal of insight into what both characters have been going through.  It also explains why the two of them have been so distant with one another and it appears Angela has gone back into her lesbian habits from season one.

I must say, Arnold Rothstein’s character has really grown on me.  In season one, I absolutely hated him but I did notice that so far, throughout this season he hasn’t been bothering me.  I also started to notice that, although his scenes were always brief I was beginning to enjoy what he had to say.  There is a certain charm to the dialogue that comes out of his mouth.  I believe it was two weeks ago when he delivered a line to Lucky and Meyer about how the meal he ate (in order to make peace over something the two of them had done) disagreed with his digestion, but sometimes to keep the peace you have to suck it up and swallow.  It was brilliant dialogue and then this week after Lucky answered a question, Rothstein made a face as if something stunk.  Meyer asked Rothstein what was wrong and his response was merely “Manure, but what do you expect when you conduct business in a stable?”  I mean come on, that is just brilliant writing right there, and Lucky and Meyer seemed to know exactly what he meant even though they were standing in a stable, and Rothstein was relatively subtle.

Rothstein also gave Nucky incredible advice about being patient.  I’m glad to see that Nucky, Rothstein and Torrio are now aware of what has been going on behind their backs with their young guns.  Nucky, who also has amazing dialogue from time to time, elegantly put it, “The pups have grown fangs gentlemen.”  I really want to see what Nucky’s next move is going to be.  Is he just playing possum and waiting for the right moment to seize back his throne or is he really done?  I think he is planning on taking power back with the help of his Irish friends, but how?  What can they really do for him when they are busy fighting their own war back home?  If this show has taught me anything though, it is that no matter what Nucky Thompson will find a way to outsmart his enemy.  He always has, and he always will.

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