TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.5: Chupacabra

The-Walking-Dead-2_5Daryl gets an episode almost all to himself and goes through hell, somehow making it out on the other side.

Sophia is still missing and the group as a whole can now make a search of the surrounding area, but no one gets really anywhere.  Shane and Rick show us how strong their friendship can be and how long it has been, giving us a nice moment between the two before throwing them at odds over how much longer this search should go on.  The insights into Shane’s past explain a lot about his current desire to be a father to Carl.  Always a womanizer, sooner or later those types feel the need to settle because they think they are supposed to and it might lead to his desires not being as strong as he/we might think.

Everyone else’s search is off screen and back at the farmhouse Hershel is being sort of a dick.  I understand his frustrations with people coming on his property and stuff, but I just don’t think he needed to be so abrasive about it.  Plus, he takes it out on his daughter and shows a bit of racism towards Glen; not sure about this dude.  My reservations with Hershel explode at the end though when my predicted reveal that the farm house group is hiding zombies turns out to be right.  I mean, what the hell dude, what are you doing with those things?  This isn’t going to end well.

Glen and Maggie get a bit of screen time as they work through their post sex awkwardness and it is a rough road.  Glen just clearly doesn’t get women, like his period theory, and while it provided some humor he came off as a bit creepy.  Still, daddy Hershel drove farm daughter away to Glen and I am happy he has someone to be young with.

Daryl’s adventure is the A story this week and had me reeling as there were too many close calls for our shows best character.  First he gets tossed from his horse, then he rolls down a mountain, then he gets an arrow through him, then he roles down the mountain again, then he sees visions of his punk ass jerk of a brother, then zombies try to eat him, then he has to pull the arrow out, then he has to eat raw squirrel, more Merle hallucinations, then, finally, he gets shot/grazed in the fucking head; quite an episode for Daryl.  Daryl stays strong though and is able to ward off his inner demons, continuing to fulfill his role as best hero in the group.  Love his arc this season; let’s just give him a break from almost dying for a couple days.

Focusing things on Daryl proved he is as strong as a character as it has seemed so far this season.  It is exciting to see the show runners letting a very different character lead the show and go against type. Norman Reedus has owned season 2 and shows no signs of letting go of that spot.  Hopefully the barn zombies don’t waste our group here next week, but the mid season split is coming and it is bound to end on a cliff hanger; so be ready for all hell to break loose soon.


-fuck you, Ed

-man is its own worst enemy, even in a zombie apocalypse

-Carol has come a long way since that bastard Ed

-are they trying to show that Lori lost all hope in that opening scene? Did this make it ok to bang Shane now?

-who is this guy? Hershel’s boy?

-“I see 11 minutes of my life I want back”

-“I just got the bases messed up.”

-great conversation here between Rick and Shane, reconnects them then breaks apart

-these guys are good friends, don’t think I realized how long it’s been a friendship

-like how Meta the show has sort of been, having conversations it knows its audience is having.

-mmm, squirrel

-Daryl, Noooooo!

-where did that giant hill come from that he fell down?

-Is Shane going to make a run at leader here?

-who is this blonde girl? Where did she come from?

-Hershel doesn’t want any mixing now does he?

-Hallucination Merle, a lot more tolerable then handcuffed Daryl

-Fight your inner redneck, Daryl!

-oh shit, please no Zombie bites for Daryl.

-you pulled that arrow out the painful way, Daryl

-Trophies, really? And isn’t that unsafe for infection?

-Hershel is a paranoid bastard,…and a little racist

-I feel like Glen is going to get some after farmers daughter got that talking to

-“keep that theory to yourself”

-Do not shoot him, fucking, do not shoot him!


-thank Christ

-shut up Hershel, you condescending ass

-“we’ve all wanted to shoot Daryl.”

-Kids table

-knew it, just don’t get eaten having fun kids

-I knew these farm folk are up to something

-called it, what do they need those zombies for?

-was Hershel intentionally trying to poison the group at the well to add to his zombie squad?

Until next week…

One thought on “TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.5: Chupacabra

  1. First off, I could have sworn one of those ears hit Daryl in the mouth, so I am right there with you in the trophies = bad department.

    As for the zombies in the barn, my thoughts are that they are family members who were bitten. Because of their belief in God he probably thinks that there will be some cure or miracle that changes them back. But for once, I think I agree with you on that fool comment, cuz this is taking faith and hope a little too far for me. Doesn’t he know what show he’s in!?

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