TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.3: Save The Last One

Walking-Dead-HeaderThe Walking Dead continues its upward movement of constantly improving as the season progresses, with this episode centering around Shane’s character for the most part.  To put it simply, he sees some shit and flirts with the dark side to save Carl’s life.

We last left our group in the same places they have been most of the season, divided either on the abandoned highway or holed up in the new farmhouse we were taken to last week.  Shane was left in the most precarious of situations, with farmhouse newcomer Otis, at the local school surrounded by a horde of walkers.  The episode opens with an obvious flash forward to Shane in the aftermath of the school with a shell shocked look on his face, and oh man does he have a story to tell; well, not tell, more on that later.  Back at the farmhouse, Lori and Rick have some serious decisions to make, as Shane is obviously delayed, and the conversation they have over Carl’s fate is one of the best moments of the show yet.  Lori weighing the pros and cons of her son’s survival is some dark, but on point, material for the show to get into, and Rick’s reaction makes the scene soar even further.  The most shocking element of the moment is the fact that these words are coming out of Lori’s mouth.

Dr. Hershel is a bit player this week as the episode dedicates a little more time to Maggie as this week’s farmhouse spotlight character, giving her a decent amount of screen time as she makes a connection with Glenn (which certainly seems to be going somewhere romantically).  The two have another odd discussion about God for the show, and while it is an interesting topic to breach, the characters can’t possibly still believe in God, right?    In addition to this convo, the two have another nice moment later in the episode as Glenn consoles Maggie after a loss in the group, further cementing my conclusion that there is no way they don’t try and take these two somewhere; well, unless one of them gets eaten.

Back at the highway, Dale and Carol are left at the RV for some uninteresting dialogue as Daryl and Andrea get the best scene of the night (outside Shane’s moment), as they go for a late night stroll on the search for Sophia.  The imagery and execution of the scene where the two come across a hanging walker, who got stuck in his predicament when he made the choice to kill himself after being bitten only to rise from the dead, was fantastic.  Everything about the scene was perfect, from the humor to the bizarre nature of it all, and it goes down as one of the best moments the show has put out. Daryl continues his growth as a character here and is easily a top 3 character on the show now.

Now let’s get to Shane.  Holy Shit.  Otis and Shane pull every trick out of their hat to get out of that school, but are both left limping with little chance of escape in the home stretch.  That is where Shane makes his big move and chooses to sacrifice Otis by shooting him in the leg, leaving him as a distracting snack for the horde of walkers behind them.  Unbelievable. Shane is clearly affected by this sacrifice, but he did what he had to do for Carl and the results paid off as the youngster is now on the road to recovery.  The man is certainly shaken by his experience though.

As the episode comes to its conclusion, there is still no Sophia.


-Dale and Andrea’s “beef” needs to end because it is easily the least compelling element of the show right now.

-Still need more Glenn, hopefully he and Maggie will give us some material.

-Carl has been shot and healed and Sophia is still lost, poor Sophia.

-With that said, Daryl is either going to find Sophia or shoot Zombie Sophia, both moments will be great.

-Rick and Lori have given us some great character drama, though I do miss Rick doing some zombie killing.

-How was Rick unable to stand up without wavering to being able to lift his kid and do a bunch of labor in no time? Hmmm?

And that about does it, I think we are going to find Sophia next week…

21 thoughts on “TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.3: Save The Last One

  1. You really think that people would stop believing in God because of this? The Bible is littered with apocalypse type stuff and there are still plenty of believers out there. The flood, the plagues… Other things that I can’t remember because last time I went to church was 8th grade… If anything this will just bring out the crazies. “God is punishing us for our sins!” and all that jazz.

    And I don’t know if I can truly believe the whole Shane is devastated by what he did. It didn’t seem that challenging for him in that moment to shoot Otis, plus he was almost a rapist, so this just takes him further on his path to the dark side. Maybe it is affecting him, but he has lost all sympathy from me at this point and I hope that once Rick learns about the baby he shoots Shane in the face.

  2. I do think they would give up on God as he has clearly betrayed them and you would be a fool to still believe. Even if you make good points.

    Shane was certainly shook by what happened, even if the decision seemed a bit easy.
    That is all.

  3. Goodness that is quite the closeminded answer. Religion is hardly something you can give a blanket response to in terms of how someone would react to something like this. History shows that faith continues through horrific events like this, and I am sure there are people out there who are using this as an affirmation of their beliefs. It’s the reckoning, for crying out loud. So though this would stop your beliefs in the man upstairs, you can’t speak for everyone, even if they are fools.

  4. Bah! How can they be good points if you still say all people would turn their backs on God!? That’s contradictory! Look, I am not personally offended nor am I attacking you, I am just saying that it is a little harsh to call everyone fools for not letting this, yes even a zombie apocalypse, cause their faith to give out. Maybe this is how you would react, as would I most likely since I have no real connections to religion, but I don’t think they would be fools for doing something different. Now stop poking the bear!

  5. Saying you make good points isn’t a contradiction. Yes people would probably think that, yes I would think they are silly. I politely refrain from not getting into religious debate with people in the real world, but if I was in a zombie apocalypse all bets are off. I am not going to let praying and complaining about god get in the way of survival. Plus, it is only a matter of time before they use God as a reason to kill you for their own benefit.
    That is all…

  6. Ok, as a body who hasn’t been in this conversation, I would like to share my opinion. In a zombie apocalypse, I would think that you would want to hold on to anything that you can before it was too late. For Rick, it was the hope that his family is still alive. I believe for others, its that God would save them in the days that it would seem like he is not there. Everyone has something that they can hold on to, just to keep some sort of faith to remain sane.

    That’s at least my interpretation of the thing. Who knows what would happen if Rick lost hope in finding his family?

  7. Alan, your point about your Rick brings up an excellent point for me to touch on. Rick has been obsessed with his Family, and that is all well and good, but the show punishes him when he tries to put his faith in faith, instead of himself. Carl is shot and who saves him, Shane and Hershel, not God.
    Again, Lauren, I don’t mind the show exploring the themes of religion, I just disagree with the characters holding on.
    That is all.

  8. And I’m just saying that it is unfair to call them fools for holding on. I agree whole heatedly with what Alan said. People cling to things, especially when things are at their worse. I remember when I was at my lowest point health wise this past year, that was the first time I prayed in years. When things are out of your hands you cling to the notion of God because he is the only being capable of doing anything. He is the one to pray to, the one to blame, etc.

  9. You telling me my point of view is unfair is just as unfair to me. Just because I am part of a logical minority, doesn’t make my opinion less valid.
    And they are fools, they should be putting their faith in each other, not something that seemingly betrayed them.

  10. Omg I give up. Just saying calling them fools is unfair. Never said your belief was wrong, just that you can’t call them fools for not having the same reaction as you.

  11. I didn’t say you said my beleif is wrong, I said its unfair to say my point of view is unfair to them. By saying it is unfair for me to say that means you are giving them the upperhand in who is right.
    And regardless of who is right and wrong on the subject, I would call them fools in the situation on the show because it is a waste of time, effort, and emotion in the need to survive.

  12. And I am saying it is not fair for you to decide what is a waste of time. Oooo, they’re praying, that takes so much time… Yet they’re spending days and days looking for a girl who they may never find. Do you think that is a waste of time? That is putting way more people in danger.

  13. And I don’t understand how you can say something like that. Sure it is your opinion so good for you, but the way in which you say it makes it sound as if no one can have a different opinion. They clearly think that praying is useful or they wouldn’t be doing it. Praying hasn’t taken anything away from anyone.

    And just saying, you may say that God didn’t save Carl, but had they not been out there looking for her then Carl would not have gotten shot.

  14. Ok, let’s end this here and now.
    I understand that the logical thing to do in a time where zombies basically control the Earth is to focus on surviving and keeping your sanity. Throughout your endless killing spree, you can’t just pat yourself on the back, thanking yourself for being such a bad-ass. Even the Boondock Saints had to pray to somebody (funny, cause Daryl was one of them).

    At any time of despair, prayer can be seen as a distraction (a whopping ten second one at that), or a way to stay sane. If you take away someone’s way to think and hope, who knows, they could easily turn the rifle around on you, then maybe themselves. The denial of someone watching over them (if it was an angel or God or what have you) could do horrible things to someones psychological being, and maybe take down one more person in your small group of survivors.

    As much as some people might think you’re foolish, it’s a way to stay human in a world that isn’t anymore.

    End. Of. Argument.

    1. Lauren: People are entitled to whatever opinion they want, I am not the end all be all, even if I think I am right. It is ok for people to have faith, as long as it isn’t hurting others, and in the context of the show faith hasn’t hurt anyone; right? All i am saying is that in the context of the show I think it is foolish to be wasting your time on prayer and faith, even if some people might get some sort of catharsis out of it.
      I think you are taking your biggest issues with my use of the word foolish. To back up my word usage, if you you are willing to ask god for help and you assume he can help/save you then you must logically believe he could have stopped the zombies from coming in the first place, hence it is foolish to ask for something from someone who betrayed you in the first place.
      Does that make things more clear?
      Alan: thanks for putting an end to Lauren and I’s conversation as we should just agree to disagree, which i what I was going to respond to her latest comment.
      The show wants us to have this conversation I think, so it is doing its job.

  15. I never called you anything? What? How am I a troll. I am the calm voice in this back and forth. I am not the one telling someone they can’t do something, I am politely, for the most part, disagreeing.
    Why are you so bent on changing my stance,

  16. It was a joke. Calm down. And I’m not gonna respond anymore cuz no matter what I say you will say something back and this “conversation” will never end.

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