Good Ole Fashion Television Review: Terra Nova 1.6

TerranovaheaderFinally we got the episode we’ve all been waiting for.  Jim Shannon got a chance to use his true skills as a detective for the first time so far this season and Fox billed this as such.  Tonight’s episode was entitled “Bylaw” and there has been a murder, and the weapon a dinosaur.  Yep, you read that correctly someone used a freaking dinosaur to kill one of the Terra Nova soldiers.  The punishment for such a crime is banishment and amazingly enough Jim Shannon tracks down the murderer on his first lead he finds.  Then after a horribly acted fight between Jim and his wife, she has the last word that makes him realize the man confessed far too easily.  Jim finds the man outside the walls and gets his true confession.  This first twist leads Jim to something much deeper and darker going on inside of Terra Nova.

I like the way the writers of this show handled what is going on with Boylan, Damien Garvey, and Mira the leader of the Sixers.  All we really know about Boylan at this point is that he deals with Mira somehow but we don’t know why or for what reason.  He has a bar, that also has gambling which I suppose is illegal?  At first Boylan is arrested, but Captain Taylor knows that most of gamblers who visit the bar are his own soldiers, and this turns out to be a ploy to expose the true murderer.  After the true murderer is exposed, Boylan is returned to his bar, and exchanges words with Taylor.  So I guess gambling in Terra Nova is illegal but Taylor just chooses to ignore it, which is actually pretty sweet in my opinion.  What Taylor doesn’t know is that Boylan works with Mira and now, through Boylan, Josh Shannon must do a favor at some point for Mira.  We have no idea what this favor will be or when but they hint at it involving the future from which everyone came originally.  I can’t really say I didn’t see something like this happening with Josh but I’m still impressed with the balls he has.  He’s basically doing this right in his dads face, and seems proud of himself for his decision.

I like how someone was murdered on this show with a dinosaur, I mean come on, it had to happen lets face it, but the way the case of the murder unfolded was just stupid.  The twists felt forced and the story felt like it was ripped straight from a soap opera script.  Also the actor who first confessed to the murderers and his wife who he made the confession to protect were both terrible actors.  I really hope we don’t see anymore of them this season because every single scene they were in were down right difficult to watch, and when they were together it was twice as bad.  I also just couldn’t get into the dinosaur coming out of the egg.  I didn’t care.  It was a cute moment in the show don’t get me wrong but it had absolutely nothing to do with anything else that took place in the episode.  It was fluff and I wish there would have been something else going on that actually mattered in the story line, but oh well.  Next week’s preview was extremely enticing, the power goes out inside Terra Nova and the Sixers move in for an attack, and more threatening dinosaurs we haven’t seen before, yay!


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