Summer Movie Trailer Overload!

Watchmen is out, now these are the next big movies to get excited about!

Duplicity-Tony Gilroy’s follow up to Michael Clayton should be a winner, and it’s Clive
Hunger-acclaimed British film from last year
Wolverine-The trailers make this look an action flick to be dealt with
Star Trek-JJ Abrams has this non-Treckie excited
The Limits of Control-the movie you never heard of
Up-It’s Pixar, so it is instantly movie of the year potential
Terminator Salvation-Bale has been fairly infallible as of late
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen-More Robots! More Fun!
Public Enemies-Depp, Bale, and Micheal Mann greatness to soon hit our faces
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Can’t wait!!!
500 Days of Summer-You heard it hear first, the movie that will sneak up on you
The Hangover-Has the talent to be good
Funny People-Apatow back in the directors chair
Inglourious Basterds-Tarantino, WWII, Pitt=Greatness?

Hope you find something new to look forward too!

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