09 – The Half Way Point

09 The Year So Far… So how are we doing in the great land of movies in this year now half gone? We have a couple of great movies, quite a few good ones, and even an instant classic on our hands. The summer season is turning out a fairly positive product so far this […]

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Review: Star Trek

J.J. Abrams’ second feature film is a fast, fun, and ultimately successful reboot of the floundering and practically disappeared Star Trek franchise from modern media. Aboard the USS Kelvin, the ship is responding to an anomaly coming from a supposed black hole only to come across a huge Romulan ship coming through said Black Hole […]

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Summer Movie Trailer Overload!

Watchmen is out, now these are the next big movies to get excited about! Duplicity-Tony Gilroy’s follow up to Michael Clayton should be a winner, and it’s Clive Hunger-acclaimed British film from last year Wolverine-The trailers make this look an action flick to be dealt with Star Trek-JJ Abrams has this non-Treckie excited The Limits […]

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