Film Review: The Avengers

Over the past few years Marvel has been wracking up a slew of great films based on their universe’s superheroes.  Starting with Iron Man, Marvel moved though the Hulk (The Incredible Hulk, just so there’s no confusion), Captain America, and Thor, each with quite a bit of deserved success.  In addition to Hawkeye and Black […]

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Film Review: Contagion

Two seconds prior to the movie starting a man to the far right of where I was sitting starting hacking, as if on cue.  This was followed by a sporadic slew of coughing throughout the film, followed by a general ill feeling moving through my body, throat to stomach.    These are the things you are […]

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Review: Country Strong

Country Strong is a mess of a film with a horrendous script that goes nowhere, has no character depth, and feels like elaborate audition tapes for Paltrow and Meester’s potential music careers. The film follows Kelly Canter, a country music superstar, who is on the road to recovery in rehab when she is checked out […]

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Now Playing Review – Iron Man 2

Tony Stark is back in Iron Man 2, bringing with him some variations on his high tech business suit, new enemies, new allies, and that same, overly confident, “winning” personality (the sarcasm is only halfhearted because it’s hard not to love him). Between the first film and now, Tony Stark boasts that he has fulfilled […]

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Review: Iron Man 2

Summer is here, as is our first sequel of the summer in Iron Man 2 and the results are an entertaining and solid follow up to the widely lauded original, but I can’t quite put my finger on how it stacks up to its predecessor. The conundrum I have with the film is the tone […]

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