Film Review: Table 19

If I was making the seating chart for a room full of movies, Table 19 will be happy to know it’s not being relegated to the back of the hall near the bathrooms. That said, it won’t be joining the lower digit tables that everyone would prefer to be sitting at either.

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Film Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect is one of my favorite films. Calm down, AFI 100 Greatest Film aficionados, I didn’t say it’s the best film; Citizen Kane can rest easy lackadaisically gliding through a bed of roses on an all terrain sled since movies aren’t graded based on the number of times I’ve seen them. But if they […]

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HST…Film Review: Pitch Perfect

Lauren:  It has been a while since I’ve felt the glorious, backhanded comradery of female, organized activities in film.  We’re talking 12 years ago with the cheertastic Bring It On (ignore the sequels) in which a high school team must overcome the mistakes of their leader and start from the ground up to fight for […]

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