Film Review: Ghosted

Something something obligatory “don’t feel bad about ghosting this movie” joke. 

Brief Thoughts: Honestly I should’ve saved my ghosted joke til now, because that is exactly what the writers did to this one after they turned in their first draft, with the expectation that they could rely on Chris Evans’ and Ana de Armas’ charm and attractive-people-belong-together energy to elevate the mediocre scenes they’re given. But hot assholes are still assholes, with a meet cute that is anything but confrontational and full of secondhand uncomfortability, far from something that would earn this man a second chance.

Quick Question: How bad did Armas have to be at karaoke that the scene starts with her finishing up her time on stage? Or had they just already burned through their music budget with the super distracting pop song needle drops throughout the rest of the film?

Brief Thoughts (Cont.): Though I did find myself wondering if Ryan Reynolds might’ve been able to do more with the lackluster rom-com elements of Ghosted, there is about a half hour stretch in the middle of the film where the fun Evans and Armas must have working together does come through. Admittedly the most chemistry Evans has is with his suitcase during one of the action set pieces in this stretch, but Armas being exasperated at this creep of a man who stalked her overseas is also a good time, even as the action is somewhat forgettable. Add a sequence of cameo baton passing that felt a little bigger than this film, and I again found myself wondering if Reynolds would’ve been more suited for this story; especially if the comedy had been leaned into just a bit more as we made our way to the end credits.

Final Thoughts: Something something obligatory “the studio is gonna find themselves ghosted by Evans and Armas when any requests for a follow up movie gets floated” joke.

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