Concert Review: Lights

I hope that everyone, including all of the music publicists in North America, will be patient with me: being an educator in America is ROUGH right now. But now that I’m actually in that glorious period of time called summer vacation, I am afforded the time to catch up on posting all the concerts I’ve had the opportunity to shoot. Well, I would if my external hard drive wasn’t being idiotic. Luckily, I had one show still saved to my SD cards, so you are presented with pictures of Lights playing at Delmar Hall on April 26th. Nothing you could’ve told me would’ve prepared me for the crowd at this show. My experience tells me that even extremely popular alternative Canadian musicians never quite impact the midwest in ways they do in the rest of the continent. My experience was flat wrong in this regard. Lights performed a slew of old favorites and new bops (in a boot may I add) to a rabid, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd hungry for her synth anthems. This tour and the new album, “PEP”, it promotes are a testament to an artist that hasn’t just grown in age, but in vision and expression. So if you haven’t caught on still, allow me to enlighten you: Baby, she’s back.

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