Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 186 – Goon Is Still Good Enough

Goon was a flashback pick from late last year, but it was actually a 2012 release so now it is an actual flashback for the correct year! This was picked by Jon, but he didn’t make this episode, but Ben, Lauren and Zac all really enjoyed chatting about this hockey cult classic. Though, none of us have seen the sequel, so we don’t know if we can recommend that, but Scott and Schreiber are excellent here, so more of them is probably making it worth a watch. Also, maybe the most intense E.T. Watch in podcast history…

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The Categories: (Time:Stamp)

  • 8 Words or Less, The Elevator Pitch, Why So & So, General Thoughts, Star Ratings (1:00)
  • You Gotta See This, Let’s Talk About That Ending…, Performance Piece (13:30)
  • Repeat After Me, But, Why?, The Hot Take Theater, Expert Opinions, The Upgradeables, To Infinity & Beyond?, Bonus Rounds/Catch All, One Last Pitch… (28:00)

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