Middle of the Row – The Podkast: 167 – Spilling Our Guts On Mortal Kombat

A three person weave on Mortal Kombat leads to a delightful episode where we find things to appreciate (and not) about this film that we run the spectrum on enjoyment. Ben loves dumb fun, Lauren’s happy it’s not the original and Zac wishes the movie was called Kano. That said, come for some nostalgia for the gaming franchise, the first film (Ben at least) and we try to get to the bottom of why Raiden sucks so much…

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The Categories: (Time:Stamp)

  • 8 Words or Less, The Elevator Pitch, A Brief Personal History With Mortal Kombat, General Thoughts, Star Ratings (1:00)
  • You Gotta See This, Let’s Talk About That Ending…, Performance Piece (20:00)
  • Repeat After Me, But, Why?, The Hot Take Theater (43:00)
  • Expert Opinions, The Upgradeables, To Infinity & Beyond?, Bonus Rounds/Catch All, One Last Pitch… (48:00)

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