Middle of the Dial: Episode 010 – Sydney Sprague

The 10th episode of Middle of the Dial is a conversation with singer and songwriter Sydney Sprague whose debut album “Maybe I will see you at the end of the world” comes out February 26th on Rude Records. At the time of our call she had just released the music video for her second single “Steve”, but has since also released the video for her song “Staircase Failure”, and the her newest single “Object Permanence”. You can watch videos for “Steve” and “Staircase Failure”, as well as the one for her first single, “I Refuse to Die”, down below. We talked about the process of recording her album, making the video for “I Refuse to Die”, and opening some DNC rallies for Cher and Alicia Keys. Listen below and enjoy!

Follow Sydney Sprague online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or www.sydneysprague.com.
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