Film Review: 7500

It’s not that serious dramas focusing on terrorists hijacking a plane can’t be well made and/or worth watching (see United 93), but 7500 made me realize that if I’m going to be flying in these turbulent skies, Liam Neeson better be on board.

Basic Synopsis: Spend some time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he watches his plane get hijacked from the relative safety of the cockpit.

Brief Thoughts: If you’re expecting to watch a minimalistic performance piece from JGL then I have some bad news for you. He may be the sole name on the poster, but there comes a point midway through the film that the focus switches from his pilot drowning in the grief and guilt at basically leaving the passengers to their fate with the armed terrorists in the back, witnessing threats of violence towards the hostages through the small screen showing the area right outside the impenetrable cockpit door, to the youngest hijacker who is suddenly having second thoughts about murdering a plane full of people now that things aren’t going as smoothly as he hoped they would. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter how cute this floppy haired kid is, or how much he cries, or how little he seems to understand what is going on (seriously, what did he think he was signing up for?), Omid Memar acting the Hell out of this role won’t convince me to feel sorry for him, even if he is slightly less stereotypical and two dimensional than the rest of his group. I do not negotiate with terrorists.

Quick Questions:

  • Who thought it would be a good idea to subtitle the dialogue in lightly outlined white when the main character is wearing a white shirt?
  • Was no one suspicious of the kid buying 3 bottles of alcohol before his flight?
  • Did anyone else seriously consider muting the film when the banging on the door wouldn’t stop? Maybe if I wasn’t so easily irritated by stimuli like this I wouldn’t have spent the majority of the film as annoyed as I was, but oh boy was the constant commotion and screaming testing my patience!

Final Thoughts: Maybe I should’ve watched Flight 7500 instead. It’s only averaging a ⅖ star rating on Letterboxd, but at least supernatural happenings sounds much more promising than not a lot of happenings.

So what’d you think of 7500? Be sure to let me know in the comments below or over on twitter, where you can find me at BewareOfTrees.

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