Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 131 – Embrace Never Let Me Go

Another week of Covid-19, another flashback! This time, to 2010, to watch Never Let Me Go. I recently placed this high in my best movies of the last decade, and having rewatched a couple times in the past few months, it stands up as an underseen gem. We discussed the greatness of Carey Mulligan, sad feelings, world building, more sadness, compared it to Michael Bay’s The Island, and did I mention sadness. So, if this one is a blindspot for you, go see the movie first, and then come back and hear us agree on the film’s greatness.

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0:01:00 Why Never Let Me Go?, Carey Mulligan, Sad Face
0:10:00 The British Of It All, We All Agree!, The Greater World
0:17:00 Hope, Humanity, vs. The Island, A Nit Pick
0:25:00 Cry Times, Wrapping It Up

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