Middle of the Dial: Episode 009 – Stephen Christian

The 9th episode of Middle of the Dial is a conversation with musician Stephen Christian. Stephen is known for being the front man for the band Anberlin, but has also been putting out solo material under the moniker of Anchor and Braille since 2004. He has recently released the song “Dangerous” (which you can listen to below) which will be on his next full length album Tension and will be released May 22nd, on Tooth and Nail Records. We had a chance to talk about the creative process for this record and his previous releases and also the recent Anberlin tours and how those materialized. This was one of my favorite interviews to date, as you can hear his energy and enthusiasm while he talks about his role as an artist, father, and pastor, and I’m so appreciative that he took the time to sit down and chat with me. Listen and enjoy!

Listen to “Dangerous” below. Tension comes out May 22nd, on Tooth and Nail Records.

Follow Stephen Christian online @christianmusic and @ANCHORBRAILLE

Follow me on Twitter at @anotherRahulJ.

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