Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 125 – Predators, What Are They Good For?

We flashback again as Covid-19 continues to keep us inside. This week, we honor the release of The Hunt with a flashback to Predators! The 2010 film is also an homage to The Most Dangerous Game and is also a pretty good sequel to boot. Ben gets a bit beat up defending the movie, but he’s not alone in his appreciation, even if we pick nits. Lauren remains unphased by this alien race, and all aliens? Jon, well, I don’t know what he thinks when this is all said and done. A fun episode for an underseen movie.

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0:01:00 Why Predators?, What Counts As A Predator Movie?, Homage, Good?
0:08:00 Tones, Topher, Toned Brody, Controversies
0:17:00 Character Depth?, Braga, Dated Material, Honor Among Predators

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