Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 104 – District 9 Still Endures

We flashback to 2009 this week to discuss Neil Blomkamp’s District 9. This Oscar nominated genre picture felt fresh and original ten years ago and still holds up today! The film might feel a little more problematic, but it empathy and social commentary never let you forget that is the point. The group is all on the positive side on this one, but we still find some angles to disagree, mostly about Wikus.

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0:01:00 Why District 9?
0:07:35 Racism, Romance, White Saviors
0:13:00 Digging Deeper Into Wikus
0:20:00 Oscar Bait? What Happened To Blomkamp? Politics. Favorite Bits.
0:34:00 Weezer Blue Album Podcast

@middleofrow #nothe

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