Music Video Premiere: RedWitch Johnny – “Cosmic Rain”

We’re breaking new ground here at Middle of the Row with our first ever EXCLUSIVE music video premiere, “Cosmic Rain” from Southern fuzz rockers, RedWitch Johnny. The Stillwell, Oklahoma trio’s latest single comes from their forthcoming sophomore record “Tales of the Electric Mistress”. The unrelenting distortion is sure to appeal to fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, and The Black Keys while giving the listener a taste of what they can expect in person. “We really wanted to try and capture that live show sound,” says vocalist and guitarist Michael Kimble. “We wanted that big wall of fuzz and low-end sound we have live to shine thru on this album and we think it shows.” In order to achieve this vision, the group abandoned a traditional recording set up for a straight live tracking experience. “The engineer on our first album had a lot of nice gear that we got to use while tracking it, but it really changed our sound. On this new album, we just used our live set up to track everything. That way it would sound more like our live show.”

Lyrically “Tales of the Electric Mistress” shifts the listener’s focus from this worldly plane, tackling some pretty otherworldly topics. “Us and the engineer (Matt Marquez) on the new album came up with the idea to have the album feel like a phone call to one of those late night 1-800 psychic hotlines,” says Kimble “So, when you hear the whole album it sounds like a guy losing his mind talking about space invaders and Vikings and witches. It’s giving the album a little something extra and fun.” Additionally, the group isn’t afraid to let their literary influences shine through. “Cosmic Rain’s lyrics happened because I had recently started reading a lot of H.G. Wells. So, the lyrics are kind of based on War of the Worlds. I really liked the thought of having a song about a strange invading force from the sky and how terrifying that would be.”

“Tales of the Electric Mistress” is due out Friday, September 13th and was recorded by Matt Marquez and mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham.

Pre-order the album here.

Find more info about RedWitch Johnny online at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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