The Decade’s Best: Silence

It’s another episode of The Decade’s Best Podcast! This week, we discuss the Martin Scorsese film, Silence, and it’s chances of making the list of the Decade’s Best films. Grant isn’t having it, and this isn’t a shoo in for me either, but I think we dig into what makes this film great, even if it might not be top tier from Scorsese this decade. We have memorable moments, some great acting and a crazy theory from Grant. Don’t, miss it!

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0:02:00 Discussing Scorsese’s Decade And Digging Into Silence
0:05:00 Grant Gives His Take And Discussing The “Conversation”
0:09:00 God Talks, Grant Says He’s Corny, And Doesn’t Like People Talking In General :)
0:13:00 Discussing The Performances
0:20:00 What Sticks With You?
0:24:00 Grant’s Crazy Theory For Silence And It’s Decade’s Best Chances

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