Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 070 – Velvet Buzzsaw Needs Sharpening

This week we head to Netflix to review one of their latest new releases, Velvet Buzzsaw! Dan Gilroy reteams with Jake Gyllenhaal, wife Rene Russo and a big ensemble of great actors. A genre exercise, the film is sort of surface level with moments of greatness and I think we all sort of agree on that. It looks great, the cast is great, but why does the film seem so, just, fine? Listen as we try to figure that out.

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0:01:00 Velvet Buzzsaw General Thoughts
0:12:00 Watching Unlikable Characters
0:16:30 Spoilers For Velvet Buzzsaw
0:17:00 Some Spoilery Praise For The Film
0:23:00 What’s The Point? And Discussing The Ending

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